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The Breakup Doctor by Phoebe Fox-review

Title: The Breakup Doctor
Author: Phoebe Fox
Genre: Chick-lit, Romance
Pages: 310(kindle)

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My review:

    In her own practice she gives people advises and more then that she gives them way how to survive a broken heart state. Yes, Brook is a mental health counselor. Her practice is fall apart, but she isn’t, she will find a way to stay calm and with little help from her best friend Sasha she will become a Breakup Doctor. Considering that Brook helps Sasha with every breakup (there are too many) Sasha will help her to become a columnist and advising people with her column. But, who advice her considering that she has a broken heart herself? 
    Turning pages I find this book so well done and smart, there are Brook’s columns which are full of advises and smart things and sayings. I laugh till tears few times reading this book. The book is written in first person, means that Brook tells the story I find her as my friend.
     Brook is a strong woman, little bit stubborn, because she not tells everything to her dear ones. She will survive all obstacles on her way to happiness. I like her and enjoy read about all she says.

    About this book I read on FB author’s page and I enter every her giveaway with a pray that I will be a winner, I didn’t win, but the author messages me to request me a review that was wonderful and I was so happy, I am happier now with this book on my READ list and full of Breakup doctor- experience.
My rating: 4/5(great book)

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