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Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert-review

Title: Johnny Nothing
Author: Ian Probert
Genre: Fiction, Children’s book
Pages: 159(kindle)

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My review:
      Imagine poor boy with worn out clothing and with old shoes of his father. That is Johnny who everybody in the school call Nothing. His uncle is dead and very rich; some of his relatives will inherit his money. Nobody had hoped that it would be Johnny. Johnny inherit cash card with one million pounds, but there was a catch: if he hold on the cash all year and earns even 1 pound he will inherit all 10 million pounds. But, Johnny would not be Nothing without his parents-the worst parents in the world. His mother Felicity MacKenzie is ugliest, sweatiest and cruelest woman in the world and she steals Johnny’s cash card and guess what, she spent pretty much money.
     Whether Johnny will return his cash card?
     Whether Johnny will succeed to return spent money?
     Whether Johnny will be Nothing after all?

     The characters are so well done that I have feeling that there are alive. Johnny is so cute and so brave little boy, poor, but very rich in his heart and soul. His parents are disgusting, they make me sick.

     This story was the most incredibly great story that I’ve read. Remands me of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, I couldn’t explain why, maybe because is no ordinary, but so unique. I laugh loud as crazy and dropped few tears. My son made me to tell him this story twice.
This book was provided by the author in exchange for honest review.
My rating 5/5 (amazing book)

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