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Ignoring Gravity by Sandra Danby-review


Title: Ignoring Gravity
Author: Sandra Danby
Genre: Woman’s fiction
Pages: 437(e book)
publication date: September,2014
author’s page:

My review:

       Rose  is London Herald as a health reporter and she suppose to interviews Nick Maddox managing director of Biocare Beauty, but she couldn’t ask him appropriate question, she couldn’t understand herself why, is it about his good look or because he is so arrogant. She was great as journalist and she love her job, despite that her boss didn’t call her on her proper name. Her sister Lilly is married to William and they try to have children many years, but still nothing. Lilly gets full bag vitamins and minerals and goes to any doctor who may help her.
      One Sunday when Rose and Lilly cook for their dad, after their mother’s death they cook for him every Sunday, they find their mother’s stuff. Between that stuff was their mother’s dairy. They couldn’t resist and read and then the biggest secret in their life rose to the surface: Rose was adopted…
      I wish that could tell you more but I can’t. I could tell you just this isn’t all, there are many thing that this book keeps as secret. I was thrilled how this book is made one chapter about one character’s thoughts and considerations: first Rose, than Lilly and Nick; so there is the secret that Rose was adopted but not telling whole story , that will be revealed till the end.
     I like Rose so much and I feel connected with she, she is brave and honest and what to help to people especially to her sister Lilly. Lilly is ok, her wish to have children is ok too, but is look like that she wish that because of her husband not for herself or both of them. Nick is good man I like his character so much, beside that he is good looking he is also decent man.

This book is about secret in family and dealing with it, about honesty and love in one family. 
This book was provided by the author in exchange for honest review.
My rating: 4/5(great book)

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