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Charlotte’s Restrained by Celia Kennedy-review

Title: Charlotte’s Restrained
Author: Celia Kennedy
Genre: Romance,Chick-lit
Pages: 380(kindle)
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My review:

      Charlotte and her four friends go to Chamonix on French Alps on vacation. All of them spend wonderful time; there was some celebrity and also famous romance actor Des Bannerman and her sweetheart. That couldn’t be a problem but Charlotte is crushed by him, so with little help of Charlotte’s best friend Tiziana Charlotte will meet Des personally. Oh, that isn’t being problem ether, but paparazzi cut them and Charlotte becomes new item for newspapers and rumors. How she will spend the rest of her vacation there are her friends too and paparazzi of course!? Problem becomes even bigger when Charlotte gets restrained order from Des’s advocates.
    I just fall for this book. It is beyond all my expectations in positive way. Plot is so unique and made me all in guesses and expectations till the end. There was no past chapter that I don’t wonder what she will do with that, will she be with him (I couldn’t tell who), will she revenge somehow…and then comes the end and I wish more.
      Characters are so lovely especially Charlotte with her shyness and sweetness. Taylor is very best friend to Charlotte I like her so much. The other girlfriends to Charlotte are lovely and sexy, especially Tiziana, she is described as Sophia Loren in her young days. They are very supportive to Charlotte as friend could be. The males characters are great described too, I like Taylor’s boyfriend and Liam is as Adonis himself.

This book is about friendship and support, love and rejection and really great read for this summer nights.

This book was provided by the author and was part of Shaz’s Fiction Addiction Book Tours.

My rating: 5/5(amazing book)

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