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Rekindling Connections by Nicky Abell-Francis-review

Title:Rekindling Connections
Author:Nicky Abell-Francis
Genre: Romance,Contemporary

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My review:
     Zara is wakes with headache and naked man beside her after party night with her girlfriends,so isn’t as it looks there with them was and her girlfriend Cristal and she tells her that nothing happened.That was her hen party with her girlfriends Gina,Amber and Bella,they comes from UK to be with her and Cristal their girlfriend in US.After that they going to shopping and Zara had some accident with bike and she ends in Hospital unconscious.Bruce was all the time with her pleas her to wake up and be OK.

      When I receive this book I look in cover in that beautiful woman face and I though this must be great book and I didn’t wrong.I enjoy reading this book till the end, it’s pretty big book,but it’s worth  of reading.The book is written in third person, I don’t like much that kind of books but I enjoy reading this one.
The story is funny and quick with humor here and there,twists and turns from the beginning till the end.

    I like Zara she is beautiful,modern and interesting young woman and I like her girlfriends too,they are with her even if they lives in other continents.
In the beginning I like Bruce and his behavior around Zara,his concerns when she was hurt, but while I turn the pages he was start to becomes little bit unlikable person,with all those money transactions and God knows what.
Here in this book you will find love,concerns,humor,past which will becomes present again and more.
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This book was provided by JB from Fiction Addiction Book Tours.
My rating 4/5(great book)

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About the author:
Working in the sports therapy field for some fifteen years the opportunity to work in some diverse areas came about and led to the meeting of some very competitive, challenging individuals, who make up the sporting world. Current affairs of the heart of many women today allowed me to see that we all search for the perfect soul partner. Both male and female clients produced this result, from many a conversation and gossip on the bench, (massage work relaxes the body as well as the mind). Clients worldwide found choosing their ideal partner a lottery.
     This inspired me to look more closely at how marriage choices are made through the heart or the mind. Having travelled round the world my research led me to be inspired by the excitement of each country visited and how my heroine could become incorporated within these settings combining the sporting calendar and outdoor pursuits of each destination I found exciting and that created a passion within.

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