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Christmas At The Cove by Rachel Brimble-review

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Title: Christmas At The Cove
Author: Rachel Brimble
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 384 pages (large print)
Release Date: Nov 4th 2014

My review:

    When Carrie and Scott meet they feel conection between them with powered magnetism.They spend one week together with passion and mad attraction.

Scott has mother and three sisters to cares and he want to rise his mechanic shop.He had reputasion as womanaser.Carrie is producer and a modern woman.After three years she decides to back at the Cove to face Scott and to share some news with him…
    This book is romance with psihological lighting.We read about concers and doubts,even about deepest toughts of the main characters Carrie and Scott.
Reading I learn how they feels,what they think and what they will do if something happens or if not happen. That is bother me in the bigining but how I turn the pages I enjoy in this thoughts more and more.
The book is written in tirth person, so the reader could read about both main characres points of view.
     Carrie is strong female character, in one moment of her life when madness of the passion it’s seams to take control of her life, she decides to run from happiness, but she gathered forceto find lost happiness.
Scott is womaniser,relationship type of man,but I felt kind of weekness in him in one scene of confrontation with someone of his ex girlfriends.I meen that one womaniser or Casanova suppose to have much more courage to confront his exes,and to have more courage to defend his positions.
Expectations will keep you reading this book and you will never regret.
This book was provided by the author as Advance copy in exchange for a honest review.
My rating: 4/5(great book)

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