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Seaside Dreams by Melissa Foster-review

Title: Seaside Dreams
Author: Melissa Foster
Genre: Romance
Pages: 300(kindle)

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My review:

Bella and her girlfriends returned in Seaside Cottages small resort town Wellfleet for the summer. She had a secret and she is gone reveal it to her friends that she was quit her job and her house is for sale. She constantly says that she will stay out of man and that she isn’t woman for relationships. That plan will be ruined by a sexy officer Caden. One night in most funny situation, when Bella and her friends want to close the window of their friend’s cottage when Caden patrolling car past he saw them and her…
Reading this book I realize that Melissa Foster from such a trivial things made perfect moments filled with romance, like going to the flea market. This is the most romantic moment in this book of all. The author wrote not just for romance and love, but parenting, a jobless Bella situation, young Evan and other important theme.
I find Bella little bit confused instead strong as she wants to present herself. I like it when she does that is kind of cute situations. I admired her for her bravery to quit her stable job for very good reasons and to move away in other town.
Caden is strong man, he know what he is likes and get it. He is expellant parent, he raise his son from his two weeks. He is very cautious and thoughtful parent.
This book was provided by Brook Cottage Books.

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6 thoughts on “Seaside Dreams by Melissa Foster-review”

  1. I think Bella's a brave woman too! I'm so glad you enjoyed not only the romance in the story, but the friendship, parenting and playful moments as well. Thank you for your fantastic review! XOXO


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