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Romancing My Love by Melissa Foster-review

Title: Romancing My Love
Author: Melissa Foster
Genre: Romance
Pages: 300 (kindle)
Published July 13th 2014 by World Literary Press
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My review:
          After few months fighting with cancer Rebecca’s mother died. Rebecca is all alone in the world she doesn’t have any siblings, caring for her mother she doesn’t have any life at all. Her boss doesn’t allow to his employees to talk with costumers and he yells to her, but she was bartender and she must talk to costumers to consoled them or just listen to them, so she quit. That day when she becomes jobless, she meets him. Pierce saw her how she beating some man and he tries to safe her from police in case that man calls them. Instantly Pierce begins to feels something about her. He saw very attractive, beautiful woman, but he saw vulnerability and sadness in her eyes. Destiny has a plan and they meet again…

      This is another great book from The Braden series from wonderful Melissa Foster. I wrote in my previous reviews about previous books from this series that I didn’t expect that this book will be better then previous, but it is better to me; and I realized that every next read book by Melissa Foster is better. Fated by Love and Taken by Love these took my breath away, but this one I couldn’t put it down, I stared in my computer as dazzled. With Melissa’s books is easy to believe in love at first sight. That exactly happens-a love!

     What to say!? The plot is well done I couldn’t imagine to change something in it. I like how it flows and I like some little turns.
Characters are also as real as in previous books and made me wonder how she does it, does she writes about real persons or they are just her imagination. Rebecca is so vulnerable and in the same time so capable to back control in her life. Pierce is handsome, attentive and good person.
Highly recommended!

This book was provided by JB from Brook Cottage Books in exchange for honest review.

My rating: 5/5 (amazing book)

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