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The Kids from the River by Mark G. Cosman-review

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Title: The Kids from the River
Author: Mark G. Cosman
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 200(e book)
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My review:
       Max, on ten years, wants to play in river with his friends Amy, James and other kids,sometimes but rarely Amy’s older sister, Margo join them. They enjoy swimming in the river flew alongside the forest to the sea.
Max think that Amy is cute and has some unfamiliar feelings when she is near him. James is rich and spoiled kid, he wants to mocks other kids, especially those who are weaker of him and he wants Amy to admired to him. The years pass by and they are not kids anymore and they didn’t share the same things anymore…
        I read this book quickly and I don’t want to jump to conclusions, so I wait a little bit to think again about the book and my opinion is that this is great book. It’s not easy there a described many years, there are many characters and many diferent points of life. I like how the author describes love on diferent age and how diferent people experiencing and manifest love, or what some people do for love. There are topics as family and friendships.
        I like Max, he is very strong character, I like his descriptions and thoughts of the others characters in the book. I was sorry for him and his mother when his father was angry.
I don’t like James as kid, but I feel sorry for him when he grow up as very immature and vicious young man.
I don’t know if I like Amy or not, in some part of the book I like her very much in other I don’t know, but that is a stage of life which everyone must past.
This book was provided by the author.
My rating: 4/5(great book)

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