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The Adventures of Pebble Beach by Barbara Berger-review

Title: The Adventures of Pebble Beach
Author: Barbara Berger
Genre: Chick Lit, Self Help
Pages: 271(e book)

Published February 28th 2014 by Roundfire Books

author’s page:

My review:

     Isn’t it funny when you are in bed with the most significant boss in country, but he is not attractive at all? Don’t care she just dreaming! That was Pebble Beach’s dream or should I say nightmare. Pebble is copywriter, recently divorced in her forty with two teenage kids and she lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is swimming with the sharks in the big sea of business. One thing bothers her, that thing is loneliness; whether it is from long nights of Copenhagen or her age she really what to meets some man who will make her to feel herself special and beloved.

In unique way Barbara writes the story about Pebble learning readers about women’s life in forty, how to be recently divorced and single parent and in the same time rising career in foreign city.

    Till now I didn’t think that self-help books could be so much funny reading. This book change my way of thinking and I’m so glad that it did it. Reading about Pebble’s adventures in Copenhagen I enjoy learning some things about life, career and love.

    Pebble is likeable protagonist I like how she’s brain works with 300 miles per hour. She is brave woman in man’s world.

This book was provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 5/5(amazing)

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