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Going Once,Going Twice Dead by Jerri Drennen

Title: Going Once,Going Twice Dead

Author: Jerri Drennen
Genre: Crime, Suspense
Pages:167(e book)
Published: June,30th,2014

My review:

In art gallery is found one dead man hung up as sculpture on the pedestal.Man in his hand holds one business card to the artist who makes statue which was set on that pedestal. Dane was in Homicide Department many years and this first time to see that kind of murder. Investigation starts and Dane finds that dead man was ex boyfriend to Simone.
       Why he was killed?
       Why he was found in Simone’s business card?
       Who is the killer?
That detective and Simone will try to find out.

It was interesting reading this book, cause I’m used to read chick-lit and romance, and especially in this time of year before Christmas I like to read Christmas books, but this was refreshing reading this crime book.
I like to watch CSI series and this is really it.Also I like it that the author is keep to the theme and  suspense is very intensive that keep me reading till the end.

The book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
My rating: 4/5(great book).

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