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Always by Shyla Colt-review

Title: Always

Author: Shyla Colt
Pages: 156
Published:Hot Ink Press (August 27, 2014)

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My review:

     Long time Cora was in love with Dallas, he was so close and so distance to her. All she could do is to dream that “maybe someday”. Her 21st birthday was close and Dallas wants to organized some party for her; when he tells her what he planed she disapproved that and tells him that all she wanted is to be with him, not some big parties. On Cora’s birthday Dallas takes her out and gives her the most wanted birthday gift- him! From that day Cora and Dallas became they-a couple.
    The author give us this story for Cora and Dallas, mixing present and past; mixing Cora’s thoughts and Dallas’s, so we have the picture of their life together, of their love life. The plot is interesting, but there are many curses, f-words and some explicit scenes that I don’t liked so much. To be honest I don’t like that scene with Cora and her best friend Rowan (FF).
     Cora is interesting character, sweet and honest. She allows to be bringing in some situations from her naivety and love. Dallas is rebel and I love that kind of guys, he was lost in that picture of himself and acts as irresponsible man.

     This book is good; I rated it with 3, because plot nether characters make me to think about them.

 This book was part of the Book Tour.
My rating: 3/5(good book)

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