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Tangents vol.1 by Agatha Rae-review

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Title: Tangents

Author: Agatha Rae
Genre: Adventure,Drama
Pages: 342(e book)
Expected publication:October 2014

My review:

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        Ana,Dan and Rick they are fell asleep in their bad and wake in unknown woods in different part of the woods and in different time,but that is not so weird.The weird thing is that coming from different time,all of them have a life back there in their time,but now in the Woods they are in some adventurous surviving.To survive they stick together and discovers that strange new place.Moving they realized that day lasts too long and if days are so long then how long are nights? Two moons on sky at night is marvelous view,but the dangerous creatures are everywhere…They found plane and stay for awhile there,but someone start throwing something on plane as stones,and what is it? Are they safe?Is a woman,Matilda she is also like them awakened in woods.They are four now.
      Where they are, on some other planet,in some parallel world or in the other dimension?
      Why they?
      Will they turn back in their reality or will stay there forever?
    Incredible book.The pages are turn them self.The characters had adventure in completely other place -unknown for them and for readers too,that keeps readers wonder and asking questions till the end,but characters have their lives as everyone fulfilled with concerns and problems and that brings drama in the book. Packed like this Tangents is full enjoyment.
     I enjoy so much read this book, so couldn’t express my thoughts know.So I could tell you just that character are so real well described and the plot is simply great it’s remaind me to popular TV series LOST,which I love so much.

This book was provided by the author in exchange of honest review.
My rating: 5/5(amazing)
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