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Dreaming of Love by Melissa Foster-review

Title: Dreaming of Love

Author: Melissa Foster
Genre: Romance
Pages: 300(kindle)
World Literary Press (August 25, 2014)
Author’s page:

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My review:
      Emily is in Tuscany, Italy on her dream vacation a gift from her brother. Emily is baby in her family and one and only sister with five overprotective brothers. She is architect and organized,determined and focus in everything, especially in her work. In villa where she stay she meet one sexy man,Dae who awakes last in her and makes her to be out of her self. Dae is businessman, he comes to Italy for business and he stay in the same villa as Emily. Between them is just one wall, which is separated their bedrooms. They are attracted, but none of them wants to do something stupid and spoil that, so they take it slowly.

I was read all Braden’s series and love all of them, I hardly wait to read more about Emily, cause she was very supportive and protective with her brothers and always in rush for work. So I wonder how it will be when Emily will be in love. There it is, love! It was interesting to read about it I say many times in previous reviews that Melissa Foster writes the best romance and I say it now.I enjoy reading about Emily and Dae, about their electric attraction and their flirting, about their cool- hot behavior. The Legend gives the heartwarming mist to this story.
This book is provided by JB from Brook Cottage Books as part of Blog Tour.
My rating 5/5(amazing).

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