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Kathleen’s Undressed,book 2;The Accidental Enigma by Celia Kennedy-review

Title:Kathleen’s Undressed 

Author:Celia Kennedy
Genre:Chick lit,Romance
Expected publication: February 27th 2015

My review:

      Kathleen, Tiziana, Hillary, Marion and Charlotte- the golden five from Charlotte Restrained it’s back again in this funny and adventurous book.For those how not read Charlotte Restrained( follow the link to read my review) I will say that it was about Charlotte and her obsession with famous actor Des Bannerman. That obsession brings Charlotte in funny and adventurous restraining order.
In this second book of this series in spotlight is Kathleen. When Kathleen will make call and listen unpleasant news that will brings her in other state of her life…
This time a golden five goes to Paris, city of lights and fashion.  
     There are short scenes with main characters lives and those gives a book dynamic in storyline. I like that as flashes in their lives separately. I must admit in the very beginning I thought “what’s going on?”, but turning the pages I understand that the author writes this flashes back in time little bit and then back in present.
   If I tell you about the main characters I will repeat myself, but I could tell you that all of them goes with their lives: Hillary is still crash in Michel, Tiziana is on her honeymoon of dreams, Marion and Declan hang out and Charlotte the same dilema…
Marian’s granny is so hilarious and interesting character, she shows up little, but I like her so much, especially when she has that “I’m pain in your ass” attitude-so funny!  

This book was provided by author in exchange of an honest review.
My rating:5/5(amazing)

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