Liebster Blog Award

  Kristelle @Amiabooklover nominated me for the Liebster Award. I have to answer the 11 questions she prepared and give 11 random facts about myself. 

Here are the questions she prepared:

1) What is your worst nightmare?
2) What is the best prank you have ever done?
3) Who among the fictional characters you have a crush on will you call when you need help from super bad guys with super bad powers?
4) Your weirdest hobby?
5) Your most embarrassing moment in life?
6) You saw a bloody ghost; You had a book on your hand that can grant any wish you’ll write on it, what would you do?
7) Book heroine you want to beat up badly, how and why?
8) What is the food you really hate?
9) Which TV series you want to be part of?
10) What kind of superpower you would want to have if given a chance?
11) Name your celebrity look-a-like. You must name one!

My answers are:
1)Oh, since I lost my father, twenty years ago, losing someone I care is my worst nightmare. 😦
2.)I can’t remember. I’m 37 so I guess my prankish time is over long time ago.
3.)This is difficult question! I don’t know!!! Someone really handsome, with athletic body and really intelligent. I don’t know who is that!
5)If I make myself to think hard I will remember of plenty of them.This is really embarrassing, so I don’t know should I tell you.One, two, three… here,I will speak: my very first real kiss was OMG embarrassing…I throw up on him.There I say so.
6)I will shoot the bloody ghost with the book. 🙂
7)Darcy from Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. Why because she is really bitchy  and selfish. 
8)I don’t hate any food, just don’t eat it.
9) Revenge.
10) Maybe to transport myself in space and time.
11) Meg Ryan or Patricia Arquette.

I don’t have imagination and time, I read in my spare time :), so, I will use the same questions :(,sorry!

Blogs how really deserve to be nominated are:


10 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award”

  1. Woah! Hahaha thanks, Silvy. You're awesome! I love your answers.
    You gave my questions to those you nominated so.. XD OKAY! I'll watch out for their posts then! 🙂

    And what a very embarrassing moment you got there! I hope your kissing partner did not throw up on you for revenge. XD Just kidding.
    Those two celebrities you mention are really pretty. 🙂 They are lucky they look like you. ^^


  2. Thank you for the nomination, Silvy! I finally got around to doing my post! Sorry, but it's going to be a long one because I did a triple post about work stress, a few giveaways I won, and the two awards I was nominated for.

    I love Revenge, by the way! I haven't caught up to the current season, but I enjoyed the episodes I watched. (:

    My Leibster Award Nomination Post


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