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Left to Chance by C.D.Taylor-review

Title: Left to Chance
Author: C. D. Taylor
Genre: romance,adult fiction
Pages: 238(kindle)
Entice by Booktrope, November 12, 2014
Author’s page:

My review:           What we get if we mixed one red haired beauty and sexy man in Vegas?Eliza on her best friend wedding is so disappointed, she knows that they are perfect mutch ,but she don’t believe in love. All in the wedding is disgusting to her, even more disgusting is Gabe, her enemy number one. He is arrogant and always annoying. In that conditions Eliza decide to drowning her misery in alcohol and after pretty much drinks she tells to everyone that she is a virgin and proposed to Gabe.Next morning isn’t just headache her problem, but she is finding that she is married with her enemy.And then the shows began.           I don’t like that Gabe has strange sex desires, he is sadomazo type. To be honest that reminded me to Fifty Shades of Gray- he is twisted -she is virgin, but the story captured me and I continue to read till the end in one breath.Something I don’t understand:Why he married her?That question still hanging in the air.First of all I thought he want her because she is virgin, or he is in love with her. Nooo,he is womanizer and doesn’t loves anyone. And… Yes! He want to make impression in his father, the man with iron heart.Gabe’s father is so selfish and evil man, he thinks that money can buy everything.            Eliza is great woman character, she is tough and brave and curious.Still virgin she is special and made impression as special woman, stubborn but she know what she wants.

This book is easy to read and to love. Romance with little dark sex scenes, light erotica and great characters.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.My rating: 4/5(great book)

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