review, Vivian Winslow

Wild Violet by Vivian Winslow-review

Title:Wild Violet

Author:Vivian Winslow
Genre:Adult Fiction, Erotica
Published:January 15,2015 



My review:

Meet Violet. Vi is on college. Her father is very rich and he paid her for luxury she have: big apartment, fancy clothes and full credit cards. Vi decides to go on dance classes and there she meet hot Andreas. She doesn’t want to put herself in relationship but with Andreas is not that easy. Her life become more complicated when her father shows up with some dements and ultimatum. Vi is independent young woman and her father’s demands doesn’t like at all, so her father cut of her finance. Vi must show him how she is independent and not spoil as he thought, so she find small apartment and part time job. 

  Interesting conflict, mixed east and west cultures and beautiful heroine will give you enjoy in two or less hours reading.The plot is interesting as I say and full of steamy scenes, which gives the story some light note.
   I know Vi from first three books from this The Gilded Flower series.First three books are about Lilly, Vi’s best friend, second three are about Dahlia, Lilly’s twin sister and this three books are about Violet. This is first book and it follows Vi’s life five years earlier, when she was still in college.
  I recommend this book for those who loves steamy books with great story.

This book was provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
My rating: 5/5(amazing).


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