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Million Dollar Question by Ellie Campbell- review and guest post

Title: Million Dollar Question
Author: Ellie Campbell
Genre:Chick Lit, Mystery
Pages: 375( Kindle)
Published:April 25th 2015 by Across the Pond Press
My review:

Rosie is single mother of two boys. Her useless and cheater husband left her and now he is horrible and disgraceful enough not to pay child support at time. She gives the best of herself to be good mother, but that is so hard sometimes because lack of money. One day on her door knock one young woman, who looks like tax examiner, but she isn’t. Instead tax payment she gives Rosie check of million dollars. Why? What she will do with that money?
Olivia is very successful woman her life is on very high level. She enjoy in her money and high esteem among elite. Managing with millions dollars she is the best, but one wrong investment and one wrong man will costs her career and life that she is used to. Suddenly Olivia becomes homeless and broke. What she will do? What she supposes to do set and cry till the rest of her life or she will find the way?

     I was enjoying very much in this book. Why I’m not surprised!? I will tell you why, because I’m huge fan of Ellie Campbell’s books, I’ve read all their books and I could tell this book is cherry on top. The story is well written and very funny and realistic with one lesson in center of all and that is changes happen, we suppose to accept them and live the best we can. There are mysteries one from where comes million dollars in Rosie’s hands and the other one is where is that man who stole Olivia’s money and life. The best thing in it is that how those two women learn to live their lives with huge changes with which fate challenge them.

    Olivia and Rosie two different women with two different lives, but one fate they suppose to live with obstacles that life bring them. Olivia is strong woman with big ablates and big work ethic, but she will be crush by shame and bankruptcy. Rosie is one modest and diligent woman, a good mom and good person. She will suppose to dealing with big money.

If you want to read and laugh till tears via great story and great female characters then grub this book!

This book was provided by the authors in exchange of honest review.

My rating 5/5(amazing)

I have opportunity to have this very great authors here on my blog with guest post, so here what they say:

10 Bucket List items by Ellie Campbell (aka sisters, Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell)

Pam – Stay on a dude ranch and herd cattle – as long as there’s no branding going on. Our dad was a big John Wayne fan.  He used to take us to watch all the cowboy flicks – no wonder Lorraine and I ended up horse crazy. We both started riding as kids and it’s probably not a coincidence that Lorraine now lives in the Wild West.  Unfortunately, it’s a lot more expensive to own a horse in England.  I have to make do with riding while I visit Colorado or the occasional pony trek on holidays.
Lorraine – I would love to do a long-distance trail ride with my horses.  The Colorado Trail perhaps or up the Pacific coast.  I’ve done overnight horse camping trips but nothing extensive.   The closest I came was in South America.  A Colombian friend and I conceived a plan of buying horses in San Agustin, Colombia, taking 3 months to ride them into Ecuador and selling them on arrival. Only he backed out because bandits were ravaging the area and nobody thought we would make it through alive.  As if I could have sold them anyway.  I’d have had to ride them all back to America or break my heart.
C:\Users\Pam\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Winning Donkeys-6.jpg
Pam – Visit Borneo and take care of orphan orangutans. Or Thailand and take care of elephants or somewhere else and take care of gorillas or chimpanzees whatever.  The people that run these centres and dedicate their lives to them are amazing.  I only wish I was half as dedicated but, even if I can only volunteer for a short time, I’d happily pay to stay in one of these places.  When I was travelling around Cambodia recently, we just didn’t have the time to visit the elephant rescue place.  But I’ve noted it down, kept the card and intend one day to go back there.
Lorraine – Swim with dolphins in the wild.  Dolphins, that is, that actually want to swim with me and aren’t part of a tourist show.  Having said that, when I was living on a sailboat in Belize, I went skinny-dipping one night and while I was floating alone in the dark, something swam up and actually pushed me, a firm unmistakeable shove in my side.  I panicked, splashing like a maniac for the boat, frantically trying to outrace this probable shark attack and just as I climbed on board I heard a dolphin blow.  So possibly I have swum with dolphins and they’re still laughing about the big white whale they came across.

Pam – Be like Cheryl Strayed in Wild and take off with a small backpack and walk a thousand miles.  Not sure I’d enjoy the walking, especially if there’s hills, but I like to think I would and I’d do it with my daughter because my husband is too fit and would probably be nagging me to ‘hurry up, hurry up’  the whole time. It’s more about seeing how far you can go and how you can get by with very little possessions.
C:\Users\Pam\Documents\novel to 10th Jan 15\publicity\Interviews and blog posts\2013-02-19-346.jpg

Lorraine.  Visit my nephew, Ben, who lives in China.  He decided to stop by there in his gap year when he was 19 and he’s now 35 with still no signs of leaving.   But every time we’ve talked about making it over there, something happens – like SARS or bird flu – that makes my husband hesitant to travel.  Of course if I went without my spouse, I might get a chance to gallop horses across the Mongolian plains.  Ben actually took part in some 50 mile races –  somehow wangling an invitation as a guest participant, along with some other foreigners in residence.  Was I jealous!

Pam – Visit a desert island with a pile of books, endless supply of food and water and lots of shade.  Like they do on those survival programmes, but without the cameras and other people to get on your nerves.  Main problem I’d have is snakes and crocodiles. And then there’s the fear of malaria. And biting insects like sand flies and scorpions…
Never mind, maybe leave that one.
Lorraine:  Learn to play the guitar.  It’s something I started and dropped when I realized how tedious and difficult it was.  It has to be said I didn’t practice much and endless typing apparently hasn’t given my fingers the flexibility needed to get that F chord.  But now my guitar sits looking reproachful in the corner, only touched when visitors pick it up.  It may be a good thing for other people I didn’t persevere – I don’t have a great voice but that’s never stopped me singing.  Loudly.

C:\Users\Pam\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\I8TTY11Y\40993_l[1].jpg

Pam – Travel to South Africa and go on Safari. And take tons of photographs and have a big camera. And get bumped around in a jeep. C:\Users\Pam\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Giraffe.jpg
Lorraine:  Going to complain now that Pam has stolen all my bucket list items– that’s a sister for you!  I remember when I first read Tracks by Robyn Davidson, I wanted to do a grand walking adventure too – although the furthest I’ve been is the West Highland way, 100 piddly miles or so, when I was a lot younger. And of course, safari comes high up there too – maybe Pam and I can go together.  But if I have to choose something different, I’d love to take up oil painting again and do one halfway decent, really large, horse painting.  I was actually making some progress with my art until all this writing and horse training got in the way.  That’s my problem.  I have more hobbies, dreams and ambitions than can fit in a 24 hour, 7 day a week lifetime.  My bucket would have to be a large one.
Thanks wonderful ladies!

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