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The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis-review

Title:The Definition of Icing

Author: Aven Ellis
Pages:258 (I read Kindle edition)
Published:Soul Mate Publishing (May 27, 2015)


My review:

Kenley after one relationship disaster healed herself studied in Europe. She learned how to make chocolate and to do magical chocolate things in Switzerland and Belgium.When she finished her studies she founded her own company for making chocolate, Confection Consultation. Everything is right suppose to be.Most important thing for Kenley is everyone to see that she is smart not just beautiful blond. After her last relationship she doesn’t date, but everything will change after meeting hockey player Nate. Nate is first that looks that Kenley is not just beautiful but is smart also. He is super star and doesn’t trust a woman, because he has broken heart. Could they trust each other?

Will both of them change and find happiness together?

Another amazing book from Aven Ellis. This book is from Dallas Demons series, first one was about Kylie and Harrison, they appear in this book too. Harrison is hockey player too in Dallas Demons and he is married with Kylie. I find everything that I expect from one great romance book the plot is very descriptive and real, there two people who will fall in love and there are romantic moments that I want to read. The “game” hot-cold in the beginning between Kenley and Nate makes me want to read till the end.

  Kenley is independent woman. She couldn’t accept that people in her see beautiful, blond woman, she is more then that, she is smart and intelligent too. Kenley intends to show how she is beautiful inside making chocolate in amazing shapes and with amazing flavors. She is so successful in that. Her heart is open for all chocolates in the world, but is close for man.

  Nate is traded in Dallas Demons from Minnesota. There in Minnesota he experiences betrayal in the worst way and he loses confidence in women. He is super star and wanted by women, but he is broken and disappointed. Nate could be with any woman that he will wants to be, but he doesn’t want.

  From all characters I like Kenley’s mother. She is so funny I laugh till tears on her gaffes. She is middle age woman who want to surf on internet and find all stories about celebrities and believes in all.

  This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 5/5(amazing book).

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