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The SW19 Club by Nicola May-review

Title: The SW19 Club

Author: Nicola May
Genre:Chick lit, Romance
Pages:368 (I read kindle version)
Expecting publication day:
July 23rd 2015 by Accent Press
Author’s page:


My review:
      Gracie is young woman, who was preparing to be a mother of twins, but suddenly she will lose them and she will never be able to have children. Straggling with that fact and facing with big lost she will try to continue with her life. She will find the way first with a grief and crying, then with bravery. Gracie’s lost is big, bigger then her feeling to the man she loves. Everything is complicated and sadness becomes enormous. When she is moved in Wimbledon in her sister house then she starts building her life from the beginning. She will meet new friends and maybe new boyfriends. But everything is set up when she comes with idea to start new club.
    What an amazing book. I was lost in this book few days and I’m still thinking of it. Every word has a meaning; every page is one piece of this incredible touching story. It’s very dynamic book. When I thought OK this is it for our Gracie, then BOOM something happened and she is on the beginning again. There are interesting events and ventures till the end. The end is like blossom of one beautiful flower. I was enjoying in this story, sad but very encouraging.
    I was very lucky not to have experience as poor Gracie and other woman from the club, but that pain is familiar to me. I was crying when I read about Gracie’s lost and pain and in the same time I was admire to her strong will and bravery. I was wondering with whom she will end up.
Maya is refreshing character. She is Gracie’s friend. I like how she encouraging Gracie. I like to read their conversations; it’s so natural, calming and inspirational. Naomi is Gracie’s sister, supportive and very lucky in her life. She has her son Jack with one Hollywood super star. Bringing Leo Hollywood actor the author make refreshing turn in the book and some dreaming and shivers in reader’s mind and body.
This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
My rating 5/5(amazing)

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