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Acapulco Nights by K.J. Gillenwater- review

Title: Acapulco Nights

Author: K.J. Gillenwater

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Pages: 212(I was read paperback copy)

Author’s page:

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My review:

Suzie and her fiance live together in suburb house. They are together for years but something isn’t right, something stops Suzie to merry her fiancé James. She canceled three dates. James is very kind and patient man, so he convinces his loved fiancé to go on the girl’s trip with her best friend Janice. Acapulco covers Suzie secret, so she doesn’t want to back there, but she saw bright light to this trip to get read of the past and start new life with her fiancé. She goes there in Mexico with one purpose to get divorce. Oh yes, you heard me a divorce, she is already married to Mexican man Joaquin.  That was the reason why she canceled their wedding dates three times. But does Joaquin want divorce?

When I read the synopsis of this book I was frightened that everything is revealed and I couldn’t enjoy reading the book. I was wrong, very wrong. It’s not that simple. The story goes smooth from present then the next chapter goes with the past what was happened and reveal part by part. I was hardly wait to read the chapter and continue where the story from the present stops. Story from the past and the story from the present told intermittently was motivating thing to read forward till the end.

The story is told by main character Suzie in first person. The author keeps my attention with the things that Suzie has and what will be losing if she doesn’t repair the things from her past, then in Acapulco Suzie and her husband Joaquin when she reveal those things I clearly understand “why”.

Suzie is bright person but very naïve. She made mistake and that cost her very much in her life, makes her wonder if she did the right thing or not, if she hurts someone or not, repairing things will she hurts people who love her. Naively and believing in honesty in other people she goes in Mexico to fix her life. Doing right thing Suzie jumps in many funny situations which make me laugh.

Janice is very good friend, but I don’t like how she act when she finds out the truth; she should wait and clear the things between her and Suzie. She is smart, she has the right well paid job and she finally leads her love life in right direction.

I recommend this book to romance lovers and to the people who like light, funny and warm read with captivating story for the true love and the story which tells how everyone should fights for love.

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