Deanna Eshler, review, romance

Our Kinda Love by Deanna Eshler


Title: Our Kinda Love

Author: Deanna Eshler

Genre: Romance, Fiction,Young Adult

Pages: 301(I was read paperback copy)

author’s side:

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My review:

Keegan Hughes is young woman who doesn’t want to act like other people expect. She is independent, strong and sarcastic woman. When she meets Adrian her world start to gets different dimension. His strong will, perseverance and actions make her request all the things that she believes that are sacred to her. Maybe in the other circumstances she will easily avoid him, but he lives next door in a duplex, which they shared with, so it’s hard to avoid someone when they practically live together.

The story in this book is about love, lost and fights about things that matter. The story is told by both of the main characters Keegan and Adrian in first person. The author decides that Keegan has to say more than Adrian, so Adrian speaks in the moments that the story needs more explanation that Keegan can’t provides. Reading Adrian’s thoughts help me to understand his behavior and his side of the story. The story is so interesting to me that I don’t want to finish the book. I was delaying to read the end a few times, but I couldn’t stand anymore and read it. Now I’m looking forward to read Deanne Eshler’s next book.

Reading this book I realize that the author was perfectly describes the psychological state of her main characters, every their conversation are followed with description how they feel or what they think, which is great to know them better. Now when I think about the characters I feel strong connection with them, I laugh on their waggery and I think about them as real, living persons.

Keegan is strong, independent woman in her twenties. She experienced so much in her life; mostly bad things which make her to be very unpleasant sometimes when she doesn’t wants interact with people. Most of the time she is great person, good and supportive friend. All those things make me to like her very much. She is my heroine.

Adrian from now on is my first book boyfriend. He is adorable, careful and strong. He knows what he wants and takes it one or another way. I laugh out loud how he manage to makes Keegan does what he want and brings her in the scene where they are in the center of attention and it’s really effective way. The life isn’t being so good with him too.

I recommend this book to people who like good book with amazing story and amazing and entertaining characters.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating:5/5(amazing book)


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