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Grammarly the best writing tool – review


I installed Grammarly and since then I’m not under stress about make errors writing. English is my second language so before I install Grammarly I was feeling under pressure and I was feeling less worthed in the blogosphere. It happened that I confuse some word or write like in the Latin language because I’m Latin language teacher. Grammarly helps me a lot. Even this review is checked by this powerful tool. It is a necessary tool for everyone, especially for bloggers and writers.

What Grammarly provides for customers?


It provides grammar check and suggestions to correct errors. You probably think why I should use this when I have Microsoft Word grammar checker? I don’t blame you I thought the same before I try Grammarly and I assure you I was totally wrong. Grammarly is more powerful and it provides you not only grammar correction but correction of miswritten words, correction of confused words, proofreading and if you upgrade it to premium you get plagiarism checker, 24/7 phone and email support and other useful things.

How does it work?



It could be installed to Google Chrome  like extension and it is activated when you write on the net: email, direct message on Twitter or Facebook, check your Tweets or every kind of post on social media. It could be installed on  Windows. If you don’t want installed on your computer  then you can use it with upload prepared document and write the document directly.

I highly recommend Grammarly to everyone, especially to book bloggers and writers.

If you want to download and use this app, you could follow this link:




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