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Top Ten Tuesday #16


Top Ten Historical Settings You Love/ Ten Historical Settings You’d Love To See or Top Futuristic Books You Love/Ten Futuristic Societies I’d Love To Read in Books.

I don’t have ten of one of those themes which are mention; I will mix up all.

Historical settings that I like to read in the books:

1.The woman’s movement all around the world, maybe I am more interested in woman’s movement in the USA.



Gloria Steinem 1972


2. Hippie movement 1964-1980


I’ve read The Drifters by James A. Michener, and I like it so much.

3. 1950’s in my country Republic of Macedonia, especially in my native town Kratovo, one of the oldest cities in the Balkan Peninsula.

4. The historical settings in Anne of Green Gables by L.M.Montgomery


5. The Maze Runner left a big impression to me, so I like to read about predictions what will happen in the future: catastrophes, new kids who are figure it out how to survive.


6.Star Wars settings, although the movie was released back in 1977 is still futuristic.


8. I want to read about intergalactic journeys, about discovering new species in the Universe and about the friendly interaction between them.


9. The human’s brain is fascinating me, so I want to read about special abilities the humans could do if use their brain hundred percent.


10. Because I’m romance and chick-lit reader I wish to know about women in the future, what achievements would accomplish or about how the women would act in some future settings for example with flying cars:


That is my Top Ten. What is yours?





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