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A Friendly Flirtation by Christine Warner- review


Title: A Friendly Flirtation

Author: Christine Warner

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit

Pages: 246( I read Kindle edition)

Published:  February 15th, 2016 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Select Contemporary)

Author page:

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My review:

Alison is tired to be outside girl. She is feeling like invisible everywhere she is showing up no one notices her. She is working for her brother Nick and his friend Jared in their tech company. Alison is confident when it comes to her work, but her social life especially her love life sucks. She is powerless when it comes to her look, and she want to change that. She wants complete different image about her, but that is the problem she doesn’t have a female or someone to helps her. Her mother dies she has her brother, her father, and grandfather and no one couldn’t assist her with her intention. She asks her friend Jared for help.

This is cute, romance book. I enjoy reading it about Alison changes. I like how she transforms from an ugly duckling in a swan. I like how she is so persistent, and she knows what she wants. I didn’t like how the story goes slow in the first half of the book, but that doesn’t stop me from reading it whole and enjoying in it. The first half of the book is all about changes and need about it, but then the story goes a little bit faster with some turns which I expected.

Alison is young woman dedicated to her work, but in that particular part of her life, she wants changes. She wants to feel love. She is withdrawn and little bit fearful when it comes to her social life. She thinks that is because of her look, so she wants to change her look and trough it to change her social status from single to engage.

Jared is a fateful friend, but he is like part of the family. I like how he is persistent and full of understanding.

Nick is an overprotective brother; I understand his wish to protect his sister, but I don’t approve such behavior.

I recommend this book to the romantic lovers it is slow, but the exhibiting fullness of thoughts.

Tasty Book Tours provides this book as part of a book tour.

My rating 4/5(great book)


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