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Meddling with Murder by Ellie Campbell-review


Title: Meddling with Murder

Author: Ellie Campbell

Genre:Chick lit, Mystery, Humor

Pages: 308(I read Kindle copy-ARC)

Publisher: Across the Pond Press (March 29, 2016)

author’s page:

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My review:

Cathy’s adventurous life continues where it stops. She is co-owner of an agency. While Pimple her business partner is on a trip in the USA Cathy is dealing with lost pets and cats on trees rescue. There are rumors that some drugs dealers hung around the school where her children go. Rosa, her best friend, calls her and gives her assignment, but all that call is wrapped in mystery: as I will call you –you just wait and don’t call me back. Knowing Cathy, she doesn’t just wait she investigates. One no ordinary woman comes to Cathy and asks her to find her lost dog which is established later as the very strange case.

There is an unsolved murder and of course Cathy doesn’t stay still she investigates.

It’s quite adventure reading about my favorite character Cathy. Cathy is hilarious, brave and persistent even stubborn person and you will like her because she will make you laugh, cry and make you believe in better life, in goodness in people and general in the magic of life.

Cathy is a wife, a mother, best friend, good neighbor, a savior, a person with good will. She was a housewife; then she run advertising agency with her best friend Rosa and now in this third book of this series she is co-owner of a company with an ex-cleaner pimple.

If I continue to tell you about Cathy and her adventure I will repeat myself, and I will be boring so that you could read my previous reviews: Looking for La La, Can You Catch a Creeper and A Million Dollars Question and you will have the a whole picture about Cathy and her life.

I’m telling you that I enjoy in this book as I enjoy in previous books of this series, but this one is my favorite of all four books.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes mystery, female main character, who is strong, funny and likable.

This book was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.Thank you my dears, xx

My rating: 5/5(amazing book)



4 thoughts on “Meddling with Murder by Ellie Campbell-review”

  1. Thanks once more Silvy for your fabulous review. So very happy that you liked this one. We appreciate very much the time that you take to read our books and to write about them. Big big thank you X x


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