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The descendant-Guardians of the World by Ally Capraro-spotlight


TheDescendant copy

Possessed villains. Intriguing guardians. Multiple worlds.


Ava Davenport is in the midst of her wedding preparations when her world is thrown upside down by a night visitor. He has a mind-blowing message and Ava can’t keep her mind off it and… off him.


When she can no longer tell the difference between dreams and reality, she visits a shrink and a shaman. But when neither of them truly understand her, Ava gets closer to her visitor who explains why she is the most sought-after person in all the worlds.


She is the descendant.


Ava is not a regular human. She possesses abilities no other being in any world can imagine. She is the key to the evil Xemlix plan of enslaving Earth.


After being almost captured by the cruel villains, she is rescued by Meldrick Richglow, her night visitor, and she crosses the portal to the Lapo civilization, the land of milk and honey, where she is safe, but not for long.


The evil Xemlix are terrorizing Earth and can only be defeated with Ava’s supernatural abilities, which haven’t yet awakened.


The Descendant is the first YA sci-fi/fantasy romance novel in the Guardians of the Worlds series. It features fast-paced action, side-splitting comedy and out-of-this-world romance!


The Descendant has received five stars from Readers’ Favorite for its excellence and over 100 reviews on Amazon.


For Fans Of


  • Erin Morgenstern
  • Charlie N. Holmberg
  • S. L. Morgan
  • Shallee McArthur
  • Kim Richardson




Ally Capraro does an absolutely stellar job of telling this breathtaking […] story. She very cleverly integrates fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal into a romantic adventure to make this compelling tale leap right out of its pages.

Stephen Fisher, Readers’ Favorite


A fun, exciting and whimsical adventure you won’t want to miss! I was hooked, so much that I popped open my phone and read on ski lifts in order to find out what would happen next.  Award-winning and Best-selling fantasy author S.L. Morgan

I can see this series being made into a movie.

R.J., Goodreads



ally head shot

Ally Capraro is a best-selling and award-winning author who lives in make-believe worlds and talks to imaginary characters so as to delight her readers with her writing.


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