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On Thin Ice by Aven Ellis-review


Title: On Thin Ice

Author: Aven Ellis

Genre: Romance, Chick Lit, Fiction

Pages: 289 (I read Kindle copy)

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author’s page:

My review:

Holly knows that finishing and publishing her debut novel are two priorities in her life. She is sister to Nate, the famous hockey player. Holly loves Nate but being celebrity’s sister isn’t always pleasant for her. Dealing with her problem at one party she stays alone with Mat, the man in whom she is crashed. Holly knows that Mat is more than he shows the world he is. She knows him like a kind and thoughtful man, not partying hockey player who dating different woman anytime he goes in public. Those women who Mat dates are models or look like models and Holly knows that she never will be his girlfriend.

I love this story about Holly and Mat because I love Aven Ellis calm tone and enthusiastic storytelling. Aven is the author who creates new and fresh characters. Her love stories are recognizable and engaging. I like how the things go with Holly and Mat, how they behaving when they are alone.

The characters are wonderful starting with friend’s zone and great sweet romance growing slowly between them. Holly is a smart girl, book lover, her modesty is reminded me how I am like her, and Mat is irresistible and under his “undercover” version is something different and sweet. I like how the story between them goes and makes me read till the end, but when the end comes I stand with sigh still holding my phone in my hands wanting more.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes well written romantic story which hooks you up till the end.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.



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