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You Drive Me Crazy by Anna Permoli-review

Title: You Drive Me Crazy
Author: Anna Permoli
Genre: Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
Pages:292(I’ve read Kindle Edition)
Buy it: Amazon
My review:
Madison had never been abroad for work. She got the opportunity to go to Seoul instead in New York. Madison was ready to do everything to stay in London, but nothing worked. She supposed to work with the man she hated, and he hated her too. Besides he was her new boss.
Looking for a good read, I found this novel on NetGalley. I’ve never heard before about Anna Permoli. From the first page, I’ve listed this book in my favorite and the author in my favorite authors ever. Why? Because it made me laugh so much, it was an interesting story about two people who hated each other and then…
Reading this book was so much fun because I constantly have guessed what would happen and when romance would come. The story surprised me keeping me attached to the end.
Madison is hilarious and absorbing. I enjoy reading her abroad adventure. All she did was funny she went from one to another mistake. I hate Mark at first but turning pages I started to like him and understood him, his fears.
I recommend this book to everyone who loves lighted, funny and engaging books.
This book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
My rating 5/5.

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