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Rome Is Where The Heart Is by Tilly Tennant – review


Title: Rome is Where the Herat is

Author: Tilly Tennant

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Chick lit

Pages: 336(I’ve read Kindle edition)

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My review:

Kete and her husband Matt live her life in happiness, or at least Kate thinks like that. Matt wants a divorce and Kate finds herself hurt and devastated. With the help of her two supportive sisters, she goes in Rome alone. Expecting to cure her broken heart she isn’t afraid. Rome is beautiful, but the Italian man called Alessandro is enchanting.

Searching Net Galley for a new read I found Rome Is Where the Heart Is. I was so excited because I didn’t have read any book by Tilly Tennant. The blurb sounded like this is it, I would love this book. The excitement still lasts till the second half of the book started to be a little bit slowly.

Rome Is Where the Heart Is is the first book from the From Italy with Love series. The story centered on Kate and her romance trip in Rome.

The story starts when Kate’s husband wants a divorce and she too devastated and broken goes to Rome alone to heal her wounds. Kate is a lovable character who just wants to relax and finds herself in this bad world. While she tries to enjoy in Rome alone, she meets Jamie and then Alessandro. Jamie is one great American man, very friendly. Alessandro is one handsome Italian man, very attractive.

The calm and bright tone is what I like the most while I read this book, but slow-paced of events make me feel like I would drop it.

I recommend this book for everyone who likes light, calm books which make you feel relaxed.

My rating 3/5(good book)


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