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Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now -post

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In trying to figure it out how will look like the future interior design I am a little bit lost. First of all, this isn’t my field; my super topics are books. Secondly, I am buying furniture guiding myself along though I like it I must have that into my home. Searching the internet, I learn many things related to the interior design and the design itself. It helps me to change my perspective about the interior design, and I enjoy in very beautiful ideas.

Envisioning the future can be tricky. Lots of experts around the globe try to predict where the world might be in hundred years and a lot of debates come out what the future hold.

The interior design must to solve multiple problems and be according with rapidly growing technology. If we are presuming that the number of population will grow that could be the problem number one to be solved, then like I said the ever evolving technology must be considered. There are needs, desires, and wants, spending patterns, lifestyles and economic factors of the people.

So, how it will be? How yours or mine home would look like in the future?

Let me think. I think it would be small but smart home. It might be underground like those small green roofed hobbit houses. It would be small and functional but cozy home.


That little home might be a smart home that means that any device that uses electricity in the home might be put on the network and on your command. So you could give the command by voice, remote control, smart phone or tablet and your home will react.

The smart homes are a reality. The experts predict that smart homes will go further than they are now standalone devices. They predict that smart interiors will be built into the structure of our homes and they already are.

Are you ready for something crazy that came up to my mind? How about virtual reality in your smart home, like when you want to change wallpaper on the clap of your hands? Or how would look like to change the flooring snapping your fingers? I know, I know already go further into the future.

Virtual reality is very useful tool for the designers. The concept of virtual reality in the field of interior design is by no means new. For years those in the industry have been using apps and systems with which customers can see what a specific piece of furniture would look like in their own home. There are many websites which offer online or applications, 3D tour of your future home, or to design your own apartment, office in 5D.


And, for the end of this little journey, I have one smart quote about the interior design which says: “I appreciate history, but you have to bring your own experience into your rooms.” – Istvan Francer.


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