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A Ghostly Secret by Tonya Kappes-review


Title: A Ghostly Secret

Author: Tonya Kappes

Genre: Mystery, Paranormal, Fiction

Pages: 165 pages(I’ve read Kindle Edition)

author page:

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My review:

Emma Lee Raines lives in small town as proprietor in Eternal Slumber a funeral home. But she is more than proprietor she is a “betweener” helps ghosts to cross over, but only murdered one after she solving their murder. She is very successful in solving those mysteries.

A Ghostly Secret grabbed me right from the start. It’s part of the series seventh book. It’s light, fun and enjoyable read. I enjoyed the mystery part with a little girl and wanted to know more about her with every turned page, who is it, why she doesn’t tell anything. The events move along capturing the reader to turn pages until the end where the things get cleared.

The story is written in first person point of view and Emma Lee Raines is the narrator. I love how she tells the story and I like this character so much the only thing that I didn’t like about her was her hesitation, I’m not telling you why because it would be a spoiler.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves cozy mysteries, who wants fun, light books with enjoyable hints of romance.

My rating 5/5(amazing book).


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