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Black Mark’s Resistance by Ebony Olson- review


Title: The Black Mark’s Resistance

Author: Ebony Olson

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Erotic

Pages: 189 (I’ve read Mobi file, ARC)

part of the series, not stand alone

author’s page:

Buy whole series: Amazon

My review:

Mora is twenty and something workaholic. She is working with Alex as his assistant. But, one day when an arrogant, mysterious and gorgeous Darius Rafal comes in the company where she works everything gets changed. After another conversation, she becomes his PA. Mora’s past hunting her what ever she goes. Secrets, shameless affairs, drinking nights are part of her life, but everything that she does is building a fortress around her heart.
The cover attracted me, I picked up this book, and I am not regretting at all, it worth it. I was reading like lunatic through the night and read the whole book. As a huge fan of romance, I can’t believe that this was the first book by Ebony Olson I’ve read. When the end came, I cursed. I can’t wait for a second and third part; it’s not fair.
The story is realistic, romantic, steamy and harsh a little. It is the different romantic story of what I used to read, but I didn’t stay unmoved. It makes me cry a lot especially on some parts of Mora’s scenes. The sparkles and romance between the main characters are perceptible and vivid like I was there or like I was watching a movie.
I was captivated by Mora, Alex, Darius, Warren, Jasper, Sophie and other characters. They are intelligent, young people well described and developed. Their lives are perplexed and real.
I recommend this book to everyone who likes surprises while turning the pages, steamy read which is going to sweat you and makes you cry a lot. If the fact that this book reminds me of the books by Colleen Hoover helps you to decide to pick up it for your next reading journey then I can’t miss it.


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