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Anais From Montmartre by Jana Misho-review


Title: Anais from Montmartre

Author: Jana Misho

Genre: Chick lit, Fiction

Pages: 256(I have read Kindle edition)

Buy the book here: Amazon, Barnes&Noble 

My review:

Anais from Montmartre is a sweet, refreshing and an exiting book, the novel follows Anais life. One trip brings her in Paris and that what was one journey becomes a leap in Anais life. She moves in Paris near her father and tries to start a new life there.

Anais is the immensely likable character she is a strong person. I believe that the reason I like her so much from the start was how aware she was of everything. Anais as driving figure in the book was telling the story from her point of view.

I love the way this author draws attention to little things within her story. I absolutely like seeing the way Anais and Sebastien step by step get close to each other emotionally and physically. Not to mention that in that way were twist that I didn’t expect and I like it how the book surprises me.

I need to say that the author is from Macedonia and I am proud of her!

I recommend this book to everyone who likes chick lit, beautifully written stories with lots of humor.

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