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The Writings of Eagle’s Daughter by Tanja Jovanovska Karkalasheva

Title: The Writings of Eagle’s Daughter

Author: Tanja Jovanovska Karakalasheva

Author’s page: Instagram, FB

My review:

I was sitting behind the window when suddenly my phone pinged, a message snapped my thoughts. It was Tanja asking me would I like to receive a complimentary copy of her book. I was delighted.

Thank you Tanja for entering in my life virtually but so real. I hope, and I know that we will meet.

The book is the first Macedonian epigram book fulfilled with wisdom and sensation. I am so proud of it. I can’t describe it well so I translate some of the epigrams and you could get the real feeling. Reading those epigrams you would sense my feelings happiness, sensation, joy even when Tanja speaks about pain.

Tanja’s epigrams breath life and exhilaration when I read them. They are like alive ecstatic energy showing positivity with every single word.

Epigrams from the book:

 I never give up!

Bravo to me! I am impossible!

I didn’t come to this world to be defeated, doesn’t circulate  failure in my veins.

None of those trails could bring me back to the beginning.

The problem doesn’t mean the end but the beginning.

I am not leaving but sometimes I’m not here.

I recommend this book to everyone who knows Macedonian, I hope it will be translated soon so everyone could enjoy reading this wisdom.

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