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Dying to Meet You by Rich Amoi – review blog tour

Elizabeth is in her fifties, single woman who has two divorces. From family members she has only her brother Josh. She over thinking for everything, but one day she got lottery.

OMG I laughed a lot at first sentence:”Google told me I was forty-five times more likely to die from flesh-eating bacteria than win the lottery… ”

Dolly the Liz’s neighbor made laugh: “You have spiders in that bush. Did you know that? I’m allergic to spider bites, for goodness sake. If I die, it’ll be on your conscience.” LOL when she spy Liz and that was her excuse.

I enjoy in every single word with laughter, joy, I cry and feel compassion.

Liz is an hilarious, a compassionate and good person she wins a lottery but life is kind with her after that. I like her a lot she is seams very similar to me. I totally understand her humor and her punic “attacks” about everything . Besides she is control freak as me even her food must be researched: “I couldn’t believe I had to ask. I had always researched food and knew ahead of time all the ingredients, so I knew what I was getting myself into.”

Rich Amoi one more time shows that is one of my favorite authors. I enjoy reading this book filled with laughter, lots of love, compassion and pure joy in reading even in the sad moments.


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