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I Will Follow Him by Holly Tierney- Bedford – review + book tour




Title: I will Follow Him

Author: Holly Tierney- Bedford

Genre: Romantic comedy, Fiction

Pages: 141




My review:

I accepted this novella because of the genre first of all, than I love this gorgeous cover and this part of the year is perfect for that kind of books. This book is small but entertaining and easy to read. I will follow him is part of the series a novellas written by different authors.

The book is settled on a cruise ship. I enjoyed reading about a private investigator Francie how is on her mission to spy Evan. Danielle Evan’s fiancee is hired her to spy him on his bachelor party. So, she is trying to do her job but something gets on her way, maybe love is happening.

I like Francie she is kind, likable and sweet. She is one memorable character.

I recommend this novella for this summer period especially to be read on the beach.




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