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One Christmas Star by Mandy Baggot- review

44105905._SY475_.jpgEmily is a teacher of ten years olds, her sex grade is everithing to her. Her flatemate was move out and she is alone. Emily is in charge of the school Christmas show, but she has no musical talent at all or her mother put that thought in her head.

Ray, a celebrity musician, is in every magazine or news but they say bad news about him. His alcohol addiction put an oil on the fire and makes the others to think that everything is true.

Somehow he is ended up in the school shed and meets Emily and her pupils snapping pictures of him drunk and lost. That is not how he supose to deal with his problem.

Emily is a modest woman, I imagined her like a teacher as she is. She is put in charge of the show but she couldn’t believe that.

“At the forefront. What did that mean? Emily needed quick clarification.”

The story is heart warming, funny and romantic.

‘No one got a photo of that. Which is a shame, because that’s the sort of good news story you need. I mean, imagine you on Loose Women then, photos of you cradling Sonic playing on a loop to some sentimental music.”

There wasn’t anything romantic at all but I was melting, it was their first conversation alone.And the allegory with a surfer is so good:

“I don’t believe you,’ Emily said. ‘You and all the British press,’ Ray commented with a sigh. He followed it up with a smile. ‘But I’ve learnt to ride that choppy ocean like the very best surfer. So , put me in the cupboard again, Emily.’

She is proud to be the teacher, she remains me of my teaching carieer and how I miss my classes:

“…just want to say… how proud I am to be the teacher of this year’s Year Six class.’ She drew in a breath. ‘Your children come into my class every day full of enthusiasm and bursting at the seams with excitement for the world. And I know, for us as adults, it’s sometimes…”

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