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It’s Not PMS, It’s You by Rich Amooi – review



Title: It’sNot PMS, It’s You

Author: Rich Amooi

Genre: Fiction, Chick Lit

Pages: 378



My review:

The story is based on the main character’s life Ruth. On one business trip she almost died and that makes her to think about her life and what she has. When no one waiting her arrival on the airport she want to change that, she doesn’t want to die alone. Ruth decides to make a business plan how to find her soulmate . But her best friend and coworker Dee has different plan – online date profile. 

I adore this author. He writes interesting, funny Chick- lit books. His latest creation is this book.

Ruth is workaholic, she has great career and she makes a lot of cash. She is strong heroine who doesn’t stop in front of anything, sometimes she is hilarious.

“I told people- and myself multiple times every day – that I was trying to watch my carbs, but breakfast didn’t count. Neither did lunch or dinner,for that matter.” ( Ruth)

“Accountable: I wanted a man who would admit when he was wrong, because everyone knew that he would be the one who was wrong 99.999999999 percent of the time. If he could get that through his thick, preferably non- bald head, we could have a bright future together.” (Ruth’s plan to find a man)

And there is a hero who is little bit discreet and extremely sexy.


“Having a brush with death can change your perspective on a lot of things”

” …there are certain things that women ask men that are problematic and have to be dealt with properly and delicately. Some are legitimate questions. Some are tricks. To this day, most men haven’t figured out which is which. It’ like playing game Russian Roulette when answering,only there is a bullet in every chamber. No matter how you answer the question, you lost. “

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