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Colors of the Sun & Moon by Talia Aikens-Nunez-spotlight+giveaway









Colors of the Sun and Moon is an English/Spanish STEM book which featuring an inquisitive young girl and her grandmother. The bright illustrations engage children and illuminate the science of the horizon with vibrant colors.

An inquisitive young girl questions her grandmother about the science behind the colors of the sun and moon. With a forward by Spencer Christian. “Colors of the Sun and Moon” is the second book from the new multicultural, multilingual children’s press, SundanceKid Press. The mission of SundanceKid Press is to promote cultural, ethnic/racial and linguistic diversity in children’s literature. Each page includes the English text along with the Spanish translation. A free audio recording is available on the SundanceKid Press website.




Forward by Spencer Christian

As a young child, I was much like the little girl in this book – intensely curious about the wonders of the natural world – asking questions such as those put forth by young Gabriela, “Why is the sky blue; why are leaves green?” My search for answers took me on a fascinating path of discovery, which eventually led me to become a national TV weather forecaster.
If the child in you – or a child you know – finds the world to be a wondrous place, your path to discovery can be found in the pages of “Colors of the Sun and Moon.” “Colors of the Sun and Moon” is the story of 8-year-old Gabriela and her wise and loving grandmother – a grandmother who has the answers to all of her precious granddaughter’s questions about the world of wonders they see around them. While Abuela’s answers are simple enough for a young child to understand, they are factual and scientifically sound.

I applaud author Talia Aikens-Nuñez for giving her readers a story that is appealing on so many levels: it is educational, entertaining, and family-focused. What a rare combination of elements! As I read “Colors of the Sun and Moon,” images from my own childhood flashed in my mind, and I found myself smiling in amusement and amazement. I feel certain that the young reader and the not-so-young reader in your home will enjoy this book as much as I did.

– Spencer Christian, Weather Anchor for ABC 7/KGO-TV, San Francisco

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taliaAuthor Talia Aikens-Nuñez
Talia Aikens-Nuñez wanted to be a meteorologist, a politician and a lawyer. She never thought she would be a writer. It was the birth of her daughter that caused her to start writing. Raising a bilingual child inspired Talia to write lyrical children’s books. Talia’s family loves nature so much that she and her husband vowed that they will always try to live close to water. They live on a river in Connecticut with their kids.

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The Charming Life of Izzy Malone by Jenny Lundquist-book blasts + giveaway

the-charming-life-of-izzy-maloneThe Charming Life of Izzy Malone by Jenny Lundquist

Izzy Malone isn’t your typical sixth grader. She wears camouflage combat boots and tie dye skirts; the Big Dipper and Orion are her two best friends; and she’d rather climb trees or shoot hoops than talk about boys and makeup. And after only a month of middle school she’s already set the record for the most trips to the Principal’s office.

The only time Izzy feels at peace is when she’s on the open water, and more than anything else, she wants to become a member of the Dandelion Paddlers, her school’s competitive rowing club. But thanks to those multiple trips to the Principal’s office, Izzy’s parents force her to enroll in Mrs. Whippie’s CharmSchool, a home-study course in manners and etiquette, or they won’t let her race in Dandelion Hollow’s annual pumpkin regatta—where Izzy hopes to prove to the Dandelion Paddlers she is more than qualified to be on their team.

When Mrs. Whippie’s first letter arrives it’s way different from what Izzy was expecting. Tucked inside the letter is a shiny gold bracelet and an envelope charm. Izzy must earn her first charm by writing someone a nice note, and once she does more tasks will be assigned.

Izzy manages to complete some of the tasks—and to her surprise, she actually finds herself enjoying the course. But when one of her attempts at doing something good is misinterpreted, she fears her chances at passing the course—and becoming a Paddler—are slipping away. With some unexpected friends there to support her, can Izzy manage to earn her charms and stay true to herself?

amazonbarnes and noblePraise for the Book:

“Izzy’s frank, vulnerable, sassy first-person narration reveals her surprising journey from a solitary girl talking to the stars to a girl with friends to light her way…This story of an atypical girl, her family, and friends, laced with middle school drama, is indeed a charming one.” –Kirkus Reviews

“A heartwarming coming-of-age journey…Lundquist deftly portrays the pain of being odd girl out, both at school and at home.” –Publisher’s Weekly

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Coco grunted and stuck a pumpkin on her bookcase. “Consider yourself lucky. The only reason you’re not in Principal Chilton’s office right now is because Ms. Harmer decided stealing keys is a bigger offense than climbing trees…And how many more times am I going to have to tell you not to put your feet up on my desk?”
“I don’t know,” I said. “How many more times do you think I’ll get sent to your office?”
“That’s a mystery to me. You’ve only been here a month and I think you already hold the school record. It’s been—What?—two days since I last saw you? When you kicked Tyler Jones in the shin.”
“That was totally not my fault. Tyler called me a weirdo and a waste of space.”
“‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me.’ It’s a saying,” Coco said. “Ever heard of it?”
“You know what? Now that you mention it, I think I have!” I nearly sprained my eyeballs; I was trying so hard not to roll them. Words are a weapon, and rotten kids like Tyler Jones get a free pass when it comes to using them, because the marks they leave are invisible. Why don’t more adults realize that?


jenny-lundquistAuthor Jenny Lundquist
Jenny Lundquist was born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA, where she spent her time unsuccessfully learning how to surf. When she was younger, she wanted to be either a rock star or a published author. After she taped herself singing and listened to it on playback she decided she’d better opt for the writing route. Jenny is the author of Seeing Cinderella and Plastic Polly as well as the young adult titles The Princess in the Opal Mask and The Opal Crown.

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Little Red Cuttlefish by Henry, Josh and Harrison Herz-review


Title: Little Red Cuttlefish

Author: Henery, Josh and Harrison Herz

Illustrations by Kate Gotfredson

Pages: 34

Published: September 1st 2016 by Pelican Publishing Company

My review:

Little Red Cuttlefish on the way to her grandmother meets the big and scary tiger shark. The tiger shark is obstinate in his desition to catch the Little Red, but she tries to run away from the shark using all her skilled defenses: camouflaging, squirting the ink and all she knows.
This interesting illustrated book will bring you in the famous story told in a different way and different setting that we used to. This adorable book offers you a new world with rhymes and colorful illustrations.
The authors include the facts about the cuttlefish and the tiger shark, so that is excellent because the little kids get the information about those sea animals.
The illustrations are so delightful and bring life into the story; the kids will have to feel that they are into the deep ocean.
Highly recommend this book for little children, they will love this story and want more.

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Mabel and The Queen of Dreams by Henry Herz



Title: Mabel and the Queen of Dreams

Author: Henry Herz, Joshua Herz and Harrison Herz, illustartions: Lisa Woods

Genre: Children’s book, fairy tale

Pages: 32( I read digital edition)

Publishing:August 28th 2016 by Schiffer Publishing

Amazon, GoodReads

My review:

Mabel doesn’t want to go to sleep. She always comes up with excuses: I’m thirsty, I have to pee, and I’m not tired.  But all she wants is one great story before to go to sleep. Her mother has solution for her avoiding excuses one fun and sweet story, the story about Fae Queen, who goes when children goes to sleep and close their eyes. Fae Queen paints the dreams flying in her tiny chariot.

Mabel and Queen of Dreams is delightful and cute bedtime story. Mabel is charming and adorable character with whom kids could easy related. The illustrations are beautiful and soothing perfectly fit with the story.

The book for ages 0-6 but everyone who likes  fairy tales will like this story about wonderful and gorgeous Fae Queen, who visits when everyone close their eyes to sleep.

I love how Fae Queen is illustrated very sweet and tiny with her tiny chariot and Mabel sweet little girl so charming and playful.

I recommend this book for every mother and kids who enjoy in fairy tales beautifully told.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 5/5(amazing book).

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Kung Fu Kitty Laying Down the Law by Lauri Bortz- review

Title:Kung Fu Kitty Laying Down the Law

Author:Lauri Bortz

Genre: Children’s book

Pages:72 (I was read paperback)

Published: Abaton Book Company; 1st edition (March 3, 2015)

Buying links: Amazon

Kung Fu Kitty called Wu Zhua in previous book set the cat nation free from the Monkey Dynasty, who rules in Monkey Kingdom. Now in this book Wu Zhua learn how is to be independent and lives independent life without slavery and oppression. She is new president of the newfound nation Catland, which is situated inside the borders of former Monkey Kingdom, along the Yellow River in ancient China. The citizens of the Catland must follow these rules:

A cat must be loyal to family

And do his best to keep folk free.

A cat may kill spiders, mice and rats

But never, ever other cats

A cat shouldn’t steal, curse or lie

Or poke his neighbor in the eye…

There are other rules too, I choose first of those rules just to illustrate to you how Wu Zhua imagine her world and nation live in peace.

The story is very captivating and very rich with characters and scenes, which I imagine so easily and in the meantime enjoy in them. My imagination was fueled not just with those incredible great described scenes but with black and white illustrations. These illustrations are made by Michael Gentile very well   with black ink on white paper. Here in Kung Fu Kitty the story of Exodus is retold with animal characters and the main character is cat.

I like how Wu Zhua is described and how she manages to lead her cat nation in independency and emancipation. In her character I see real person not an animal. Lately I have plenty of thought which telling me that animal are smarter than people and that they deserve more care and attention from us. They are pure souls who need care as babies. There in the book they are as humans, they are independent and they talk, look after oneself and manage their own kingdom with rules.

I recommend this book to everyone. This is not just a story for children, but this is the captivating story for all ages, about freedom and bravery.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review>

My rating: 4/5(great book)

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Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes by Henry L.Herz, Josh Herz,Harrison Herz, Abigail Larson

Title:Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes

Author:  Henry L. Herz (author), Josh HerzHarrison HerzAbigail Larson (Illustrations)

Genre:Fiction, Fantasy,Children’s book
Published: February 7th 2015 by Pelican Publishing Company

My review:

    You could visit this Land of Fantasy and mythology. There are very friendly and playful creatures and rhymes about each creature.Interesting isn’t it!?
    When I accept this children’s book I was doubt how my children (son 8 years old and daughter 2 years) will accept this book with monsters , I thought that they will be scared , but no, on the contrary they was so thrilled and was listen rhymes delighted. They loved those rhymes and also I do.
    Each rhyme has a picture. Every picture is inspired from the rhyme and the rhyme is about a creature from mythology and fantasy: Hydra, Zombie, Witch and many interesting creatures. Colorful and fanciful those monsters are not so scary, but they represent a child imagination and one new and different world of ancient image of those monsters.
    The rhymes are easy to understand and to memorized, because they are short, playful and funny.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
My rating 5/5(amazing)


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Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert-review

Title: Johnny Nothing
Author: Ian Probert
Genre: Fiction, Children’s book
Pages: 159(kindle)

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My review:
      Imagine poor boy with worn out clothing and with old shoes of his father. That is Johnny who everybody in the school call Nothing. His uncle is dead and very rich; some of his relatives will inherit his money. Nobody had hoped that it would be Johnny. Johnny inherit cash card with one million pounds, but there was a catch: if he hold on the cash all year and earns even 1 pound he will inherit all 10 million pounds. But, Johnny would not be Nothing without his parents-the worst parents in the world. His mother Felicity MacKenzie is ugliest, sweatiest and cruelest woman in the world and she steals Johnny’s cash card and guess what, she spent pretty much money.
     Whether Johnny will return his cash card?
     Whether Johnny will succeed to return spent money?
     Whether Johnny will be Nothing after all?

     The characters are so well done that I have feeling that there are alive. Johnny is so cute and so brave little boy, poor, but very rich in his heart and soul. His parents are disgusting, they make me sick.

     This story was the most incredibly great story that I’ve read. Remands me of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, I couldn’t explain why, maybe because is no ordinary, but so unique. I laugh loud as crazy and dropped few tears. My son made me to tell him this story twice.
This book was provided by the author in exchange for honest review.
My rating 5/5 (amazing book)
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The New Crown by Jason Sandberg-review

Title: The New Crown
Author: Jason Sandberg
Genre: Children’s book
Pages: 29

the author’s page :

My review:

     Somewhere on the top of the mountain was the Kingdom of Platavia. With Platavia reigning king Plunder. He was so cruel, everyone in the Kingdom was afraid of him and his guard. King Plunder was bad man and he gives people bad advice. But in Platavia not everything was bad. There was living one so good and wonderful person.
         What will happen with Platavia and the people who live          there?
          What will happen with Plunder?

       Just read this amazing children’s book and you will find the answers.  I highly recommend this book, because it is so enjoyable with lesson. I read this book to my sex years old son, he enjoy so much and ask me to read again and again, just like previous book by Jason Sandberg “Candy and the Cankersaur”.

This book is:    
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Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg-review

Title: Candy and Cankersaur
Author: Jason Sandberg
Genre: Children’s book
Pages: 32 (e-book)
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 author’s page:

My review:

         Candy is sweet little girl who gets everything a child could wish for, even a dinosaur. Her father is a very busy. She gets a dinosaur as a gift from her father and she decides to train him as a pet.
      Candy and the Cankersaur is great story book for 3-6 age children.
The whole story is likable and my 6 years old son enjoy a lot when I was reading him. This book has awesome illustrations for every part of the story. 
The most I liked that the story contains a moral lesson.

      I recommend this book to all those who have small children and grandchildren to read them before they going to sleep.

This book is:

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XOR by Moshe Sipper

Title: XOR
Author: Moshe Sipper
Genre: Children’s book,Fantasy
Pages: 178
Publisher: CreateSpace (March 24, 2012)
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My review:

     Lewis Nash on his twelfth birthday when come home from school finds that his home burn and that his father is in it, dead. From that moment his become an orphan. His mother dies four years ago. But this isn’t only thing that he found out this day.After he comes out of the school bus he becomes target of a wolf-man, who wants to grab him and kill him. But Lewis was saved and he becomes to learn about his self.
     Strange creatures another planets, travel in different worlds this book is full fantasy product. It’s a children’s book and should be full of fantasy.
     In the beginning I literally swallow all pages and how page by page pass out I started thinking how it is that possible to happen and then I realize that I’ve read children’s book and everything is possible to happen. It’s was interesting that science was took place in the middle of fantasy.
     Lewis is real wonder boy. He realizes things fast and make fast and smart choises.
Content spoilers-Empty spaces isn’t empty if you want to see what is written just mark the empty space. 
This book is: