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Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes by Henry L.Herz, Josh Herz,Harrison Herz, Abigail Larson

Title:Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes

Author:  Henry L. Herz (author), Josh HerzHarrison HerzAbigail Larson (Illustrations)

Genre:Fiction, Fantasy,Children’s book
Published: February 7th 2015 by Pelican Publishing Company

My review:

    You could visit this Land of Fantasy and mythology. There are very friendly and playful creatures and rhymes about each creature.Interesting isn’t it!?
    When I accept this children’s book I was doubt how my children (son 8 years old and daughter 2 years) will accept this book with monsters , I thought that they will be scared , but no, on the contrary they was so thrilled and was listen rhymes delighted. They loved those rhymes and also I do.
    Each rhyme has a picture. Every picture is inspired from the rhyme and the rhyme is about a creature from mythology and fantasy: Hydra, Zombie, Witch and many interesting creatures. Colorful and fanciful those monsters are not so scary, but they represent a child imagination and one new and different world of ancient image of those monsters.
    The rhymes are easy to understand and to memorized, because they are short, playful and funny.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
My rating 5/5(amazing)


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Part of the Blog Tour: Pledged by Gwynneth White

Author: Gwynneth White
pages: 503
part of the series,book I

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Water by Terra Harmony

Title: Water
Author: Terra Harmony
Genre: Fantasy-Eco, Paranormal 
Pages: 220
Published: September 27th 2011

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My review:
         Mother Earth is in danger like she always be since humans walk on her (my thought)-the pollution, climatic changes and all other things that people do.

One little organization called them self Seven makes all to save the Earth. They can’t do it by them self. They needed other people calls Gaias. Gaias was a woman with special powers.
      Kaithlyn will find out her powers when she will be kidnapped. She becomes part of organization and day by day she will learn how to use her powers.
        Water is so real so unbelievable real reading. Terra Harmony did great think writing this her first book. Water is first book from Akasha series. It is eco fantasy book. It is eco because there are many things which Terra explained about saving Earth from pollution. While I read I thought that Terra was shown all her knowledge about ecology, biology, chemistry and mythology.  
     I like so much passage about meanings of term “seven”. I like it so much the scene in bathroom, but I was terrify from scene in greenhouse-how is insignificant female power in comparison with male, even if she has special powers.
    The quote from Water:
“What I needed was to be wanted in a world I no longer felt a part of. More then that, I needed to be desired, loved in spite of my faults.”
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XOR by Moshe Sipper

Title: XOR
Author: Moshe Sipper
Genre: Children’s book,Fantasy
Pages: 178
Publisher: CreateSpace (March 24, 2012)
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My review:

     Lewis Nash on his twelfth birthday when come home from school finds that his home burn and that his father is in it, dead. From that moment his become an orphan. His mother dies four years ago. But this isn’t only thing that he found out this day.After he comes out of the school bus he becomes target of a wolf-man, who wants to grab him and kill him. But Lewis was saved and he becomes to learn about his self.
     Strange creatures another planets, travel in different worlds this book is full fantasy product. It’s a children’s book and should be full of fantasy.
     In the beginning I literally swallow all pages and how page by page pass out I started thinking how it is that possible to happen and then I realize that I’ve read children’s book and everything is possible to happen. It’s was interesting that science was took place in the middle of fantasy.
     Lewis is real wonder boy. He realizes things fast and make fast and smart choises.
Content spoilers-Empty spaces isn’t empty if you want to see what is written just mark the empty space. 
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