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A Friendly Flirtation by Christine Warner- review


Title: A Friendly Flirtation

Author: Christine Warner

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit

Pages: 246( I read Kindle edition)

Published:  February 15th, 2016 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Select Contemporary)

Author page:

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My review:

Alison is tired to be outside girl. She is feeling like invisible everywhere she is showing up no one notices her. She is working for her brother Nick and his friend Jared in their tech company. Alison is confident when it comes to her work, but her social life especially her love life sucks. She is powerless when it comes to her look, and she want to change that. She wants complete different image about her, but that is the problem she doesn’t have a female or someone to helps her. Her mother dies she has her brother, her father, and grandfather and no one couldn’t assist her with her intention. She asks her friend Jared for help.

This is cute, romance book. I enjoy reading it about Alison changes. I like how she transforms from an ugly duckling in a swan. I like how she is so persistent, and she knows what she wants. I didn’t like how the story goes slow in the first half of the book, but that doesn’t stop me from reading it whole and enjoying in it. The first half of the book is all about changes and need about it, but then the story goes a little bit faster with some turns which I expected.

Alison is young woman dedicated to her work, but in that particular part of her life, she wants changes. She wants to feel love. She is withdrawn and little bit fearful when it comes to her social life. She thinks that is because of her look, so she wants to change her look and trough it to change her social status from single to engage.

Jared is a fateful friend, but he is like part of the family. I like how he is persistent and full of understanding.

Nick is an overprotective brother; I understand his wish to protect his sister, but I don’t approve such behavior.

I recommend this book to the romantic lovers it is slow, but the exhibiting fullness of thoughts.

Tasty Book Tours provides this book as part of a book tour.

My rating 4/5(great book)

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Acapulco Nights by K.J. Gillenwater- review

Title: Acapulco Nights

Author: K.J. Gillenwater

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Pages: 212(I was read paperback copy)

Author’s page:

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My review:

Suzie and her fiance live together in suburb house. They are together for years but something isn’t right, something stops Suzie to merry her fiancé James. She canceled three dates. James is very kind and patient man, so he convinces his loved fiancé to go on the girl’s trip with her best friend Janice. Acapulco covers Suzie secret, so she doesn’t want to back there, but she saw bright light to this trip to get read of the past and start new life with her fiancé. She goes there in Mexico with one purpose to get divorce. Oh yes, you heard me a divorce, she is already married to Mexican man Joaquin.  That was the reason why she canceled their wedding dates three times. But does Joaquin want divorce?

When I read the synopsis of this book I was frightened that everything is revealed and I couldn’t enjoy reading the book. I was wrong, very wrong. It’s not that simple. The story goes smooth from present then the next chapter goes with the past what was happened and reveal part by part. I was hardly wait to read the chapter and continue where the story from the present stops. Story from the past and the story from the present told intermittently was motivating thing to read forward till the end.

The story is told by main character Suzie in first person. The author keeps my attention with the things that Suzie has and what will be losing if she doesn’t repair the things from her past, then in Acapulco Suzie and her husband Joaquin when she reveal those things I clearly understand “why”.

Suzie is bright person but very naïve. She made mistake and that cost her very much in her life, makes her wonder if she did the right thing or not, if she hurts someone or not, repairing things will she hurts people who love her. Naively and believing in honesty in other people she goes in Mexico to fix her life. Doing right thing Suzie jumps in many funny situations which make me laugh.

Janice is very good friend, but I don’t like how she act when she finds out the truth; she should wait and clear the things between her and Suzie. She is smart, she has the right well paid job and she finally leads her love life in right direction.

I recommend this book to romance lovers and to the people who like light, funny and warm read with captivating story for the true love and the story which tells how everyone should fights for love.

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Date Night (Wish Come True #1) by R.C. Matthews- review

Title: Date Nights

Author: R.C. Matthews

Genre: Romance

Pages: 191(I’ve read Kindle copy)

Published:May 3rd 2014 by Createspace

Author’s page:

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My review:

Jordan lives with her grandma after her father died. Grannie has special thing for her a scrap book where are documented all Jordan’s memories. Grannie has diagnosis aggressive cancer and her last wish is to finish that scrap book with last milestone Jordan’s wedding day. But Jordan doesn’t have even a date, a boyfriend. So Grannie has idea she signs Jordan up on dating service. Jordan must go on two dates per week, diner dates in restaurant where works Jordan’s brother best friend JT.  That isn’t happen accidentally, but that is Grannie’s idea too, because Jordan might need protection from unworthy guys. JT likes that and every night when Jordan has date he carefully observed all situations. After that he is her consolation and back up support.

The story is good and that idea for sick member of family who has last wish is heart melting. All those dates which Jordan’s has are interesting, author makes me laugh sometimes and wonder if she will pick up some one when she get sick of trying or “the real one” will comes up soon. The end it’s kind of predictable. There through whole book were too many signs for that how things will go.

Jordan is likeable person, she want to please her grandmother. Even she don’t like blind dates she goes and meet all those man in hope that she will find her soul mate is such a short time, besides her lovely grandma will die and she must please her last wish.

JT looks to me little bit coward and confused. He is there for Jordan, but he questions herself in some situation. In one situation he is knight in shining armor in the other he is just there.

Grannie is too sweet old lady. Everyone will relate her with their grandma as I was till I read this book. I enjoy reading how JT report her about the diner and how they sometimes comment about Jordan’s dates. The most of all things I laugh to their jocks.

I recommend this book to all of romance fans, because it light, calm read.

This book was provided by the author.

My rating 4/5 (great book)

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Gone for You by Jayne Frost-review

Title: Gone for You
Author: Jayne Frost
Genre: Romance
Pages: 200(I was read Kindle copy)
Published:April,28th,2015 by Sixth Street Press
author’s page:

My review:
     Everywhere where four guys form the band Caged go they are followed by bunch of girls. They are in Dallas on the tour. They are used to it girls to fall for them, but not every girl. The guitarist in the band, Cameron has very simple rule: no relationships no complications. He doesn’t do relationships, but in Dallas he meets Lilly and she will turn his life upside down.

     The story is told by Cameron himself and I find that very interesting, because I was used to read woman’s fiction where the woman is main character and she is telling the story. The fact that the author is woman and tells the story from the man’s point is intriguing and I must admit she is very successful in it. The story is captivating and keeps me reading till the end.

      Cameron is famous guy but he is stands his ground. He is very realistic character. I imagined him as very sexy young man with long hair and good body as was descriptions of him in the book. I like his thoughts about relationship and I like how he is fall for Lilly.

     Lilly is smart, brave young woman. She is left her family to be herself and following her dream. I like her sweetness and how she is persistent in her dreams. Meeting Cameron doesn’t seams as obstacle to her, but she was more brave and persistent. I hate her parents, really, especially her mother. She was so arrogant and even as evil which to me.

I like all book, but the end was little bit intense, when four guys from the band talking about accidents, I expect the worse thing happen.
This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 4/5(great)
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Exposure by Annie Jocoby-review

Title: Exposure

Author:Annie Jocoby
Genre:Romance, Adult Fiction
Published:Published February 1st 2015 by Tobann Publications 
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My review:
    It’s been six months that CJ is closed in her apartment. She has agoraphobia. She decides to venture outside thinking that is the solution to her problem, but she is unprepared for that and she will passes out and finds herself in some place. Soon she is finds that that place is to one billionaire. Asher is mysterious, good looking with magnetic aura. She is fall for him; he thinks that he is finds perfect solution for his problem.
     I read this book in few hours and finds that the author literally wove this story in some special way. The way that captivated you till the end. The end is not end, but again the author leads you in another part of the same story in second book of this trilogy. The beginning of this book is simple I though and thinking that will goes till the end I surprise myself. After few chapters I realized that when the author brings Asher’s thoughts and chapters that have returns to the past. That brings the story special ongoing. There are few scenes that involve sex, but that is good, because relaxed me of other scenes as tragic CJ’s past and Asher’s involving in such an activity.
I recommend this book for hot summer days with hot, billionaire guy and hot scenes.
This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
My rating 4/5(great book)
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Bad Will Hunting by Heather Wardell-review

Title: Bad Will Hunting
Author: Heather Wardell
Genre: Romance, Chick lit
Pages: 224(I’ve read kindle format)
 author’s page:

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My review:

     Ashley is more than angry to everyone, to her family, to her life to destiny. On her way she will meets some attorney Will, who will bring her hope on high level. Will he help her or will he bring her in really worse situation?

   Seven Exes Eight Too Many was top book for me, so this conclusion makes me little bit to have some minor opinion for this book as sequel. That’s the reason that I rated the book with four, otherwise the book is great there are good story and well done characters.

     You could read this book before you read first book from this series, but some characters as all participants in the show in previous book shows up in this one so you will wonder who they are. My recommendation is to read both of them, but first “Seven Exes Eight Too Many” then this one.

     This book show as how could human life been so brittle and unpredictable in some bright and cheer way , so we could have everything hopes and plans, as Ashley and one day all of that could be ruined by something and everything will diapered, first hopes and plans. In that struggle life brings as people who could save us, but we should pick up the right ones. Reality is just we can save ourselves. When we could find the peace inside us we could continue with our lives. Exactly that Ashley tries to do.

    Ashley knows to deal with every bad situation with anger and payback. When the destiny will slaps her she will be mad to everyone, but she will learn how to deal with her anger and be better person.

This book was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.
My rating: 4/5(great book)

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Left to Chance by C.D.Taylor-review

Title: Left to Chance
Author: C. D. Taylor
Genre: romance,adult fiction
Pages: 238(kindle)
Entice by Booktrope, November 12, 2014
Author’s page:

My review:           What we get if we mixed one red haired beauty and sexy man in Vegas?Eliza on her best friend wedding is so disappointed, she knows that they are perfect mutch ,but she don’t believe in love. All in the wedding is disgusting to her, even more disgusting is Gabe, her enemy number one. He is arrogant and always annoying. In that conditions Eliza decide to drowning her misery in alcohol and after pretty much drinks she tells to everyone that she is a virgin and proposed to Gabe.Next morning isn’t just headache her problem, but she is finding that she is married with her enemy.And then the shows began.           I don’t like that Gabe has strange sex desires, he is sadomazo type. To be honest that reminded me to Fifty Shades of Gray- he is twisted -she is virgin, but the story captured me and I continue to read till the end in one breath.Something I don’t understand:Why he married her?That question still hanging in the air.First of all I thought he want her because she is virgin, or he is in love with her. Nooo,he is womanizer and doesn’t loves anyone. And… Yes! He want to make impression in his father, the man with iron heart.Gabe’s father is so selfish and evil man, he thinks that money can buy everything.            Eliza is great woman character, she is tough and brave and curious.Still virgin she is special and made impression as special woman, stubborn but she know what she wants.

This book is easy to read and to love. Romance with little dark sex scenes, light erotica and great characters.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.My rating: 4/5(great book)

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Going Once,Going Twice Dead by Jerri Drennen

Title: Going Once,Going Twice Dead

Author: Jerri Drennen
Genre: Crime, Suspense
Pages:167(e book)
Published: June,30th,2014

My review:

In art gallery is found one dead man hung up as sculpture on the pedestal.Man in his hand holds one business card to the artist who makes statue which was set on that pedestal. Dane was in Homicide Department many years and this first time to see that kind of murder. Investigation starts and Dane finds that dead man was ex boyfriend to Simone.
       Why he was killed?
       Why he was found in Simone’s business card?
       Who is the killer?
That detective and Simone will try to find out.

It was interesting reading this book, cause I’m used to read chick-lit and romance, and especially in this time of year before Christmas I like to read Christmas books, but this was refreshing reading this crime book.
I like to watch CSI series and this is really it.Also I like it that the author is keep to the theme and  suspense is very intensive that keep me reading till the end.

The book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
My rating: 4/5(great book).
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Icarus by Danika Stone-review


Author:Danika Stone
Published:August 1st 2014 by Dancing Dog Productions Co.

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My review:

    Tess is tired from moving almost every year. In her senior year she must moves again because her father say so, she hopes that this is for last time. Tess parents are divorced; she lives with her father, military veteran with minimal salary. Tess’s mother lives in California with her new family. First day to new school and Tess meets some guy Drew, she doesn’t like to make friendships, but destiny has another plan for her. For the teachers Tess and Drew seams as perfect partner Tess is kind of rebel girl with potential and Drew is great student. Drew will bring some freshness in Tess gray life and forgotten memories also.

    I like this book, because I’m not used to read books with violence, I deliberately avoid that kind of book, but this book was different and I’m not regretting that I read it. The author descriptions for events in book is very subtly and pleasant.

    Tess is rebel girl, she has her reasons for that, also she has a potential for be better student and girl.
Drew is perfect boy, great student and mannered, kind and supportive. Both of them are confused about their future, about what they want to be, what they want to study. It’s typical for their age, but also that was because their fathers, both of them veterans and demanding and strict.

It was interesting to read about people destiny and how everything it’s going around as perfect circle.

This book was provided by author in exchange for honest review.
My rating 4/5(great book).

Book trailer:

About the author:
Danika Stone is a writer of contemporary fiction with a focus
 on strong female narratives.  Her paranormal romance 
series, Intaglio,her romantic thriller,Ctrl Z and her YA 
romance Icarusare available for purchase on Amazon and at selected bookstores.  The first book in Danika’s upcoming Tathagata series was selected as a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award (2013) and is currently in the editing phase. 
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The Kids from the River by Mark G. Cosman-review

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Title: The Kids from the River
Author: Mark G. Cosman
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 200(e book)
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My review:
       Max, on ten years, wants to play in river with his friends Amy, James and other kids,sometimes but rarely Amy’s older sister, Margo join them. They enjoy swimming in the river flew alongside the forest to the sea.
Max think that Amy is cute and has some unfamiliar feelings when she is near him. James is rich and spoiled kid, he wants to mocks other kids, especially those who are weaker of him and he wants Amy to admired to him. The years pass by and they are not kids anymore and they didn’t share the same things anymore…
        I read this book quickly and I don’t want to jump to conclusions, so I wait a little bit to think again about the book and my opinion is that this is great book. It’s not easy there a described many years, there are many characters and many diferent points of life. I like how the author describes love on diferent age and how diferent people experiencing and manifest love, or what some people do for love. There are topics as family and friendships.
        I like Max, he is very strong character, I like his descriptions and thoughts of the others characters in the book. I was sorry for him and his mother when his father was angry.
I don’t like James as kid, but I feel sorry for him when he grow up as very immature and vicious young man.
I don’t know if I like Amy or not, in some part of the book I like her very much in other I don’t know, but that is a stage of life which everyone must past.
This book was provided by the author.
My rating: 4/5(great book)