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Perfect Is Overrated by Karen Bergreen

Title: Perfect is overrated
Author: Karen Bergreen
Genre: Chick Lit, Crime, Suspense
Pages: 320 (e-book)
Expected publication: July 17th, 2012 by St. Martin’s Press

My review:
       Kate is the mother of one great girl of pre-school age. She divorced of her detective husband, and she suffers from postpartum depression. I didn’t hear about that kind of depression, and I googled and found this article here. When she started running for enrolment her daughter in the most prestigious school in the world, she meets Beverly Hastings with her daughter. From that moment Beverly becomes her worst enemy. Now Beverly is dead, murdered.


   How this effects on her?
After many calls to her ex-husband to ask how the investigation goes, she decides to take things into her hands.
    I expected more laughing consider that the author is a stand-up comedian. I was disappointed.
There were so many reflections of the main character past that I hardly recognize what’s happening (maybe I’m slow :o)).
Like I say I expected too much about this book and I was disappointed. I expected more explanation about Kate’s character and everything about her I find from her actions or I assumed from her actions in her past. The good thing is that suspense holds up until the end.
This book is:
                                                                 , it was OK, self-help

Men,Money and Chocolate by Menna Van Praag

Title: Men,Money and Chocolate
Author: Menna Van Praag
Genre: Chick-lit,Self-help
Pages: 181(paperback)
Publisher: Klub Matica for Macedonia
(on Macedonian language)

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My review:

          Maja is a girl who is not very pleased by her own life. She wants some specific things and has some desires, but lives far away from these things. Her consolations are chocolates. In the point of the story is not Maja’s life, but it’s the way how she lives her life. It is a journey to find herself, to find her self-esteem.

       In this book are councils, how to find the way to your peace and awareness of the existence.
      The book is short and easy to read. But my opinion is that will be better if not included those situations what to do to be happy with your life and what to do to be yourself. I like to read that kind of books, self-help books, but this book is combination of novel and self-help book which is not what I expected.
     This book inspired those thoughts:
Life is the game and we must learn how to play this game.The best part of own life is the smallest things and joy to having those things.The learning is a life.We learn from our own life.