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Love is a Four -Legged Word by Michele Gorman-first five chapters sample

This day is a special day because we have an excellent opportunity to download the sample of Michele Gorman newest book Love is a Four-Legged Word. The book will come October 13th, 2016, and this could be real enjoyment to read the first five chapters of it.

You could download it following this links:





The blurb

Best friends Scarlett and Shannon spend their days tangled up in dog leads and covered in fur, running their dog business together. Scarlett’s intensive training course, Ruff Love, fixes owners as much as their pets, while Shannon spends her days walking spoiled pooches.

They share more than their business though: they also share Scarlett’s husband, Rufus, who’s been Shannon’s best friend since childhood. It’s a cosy setup. Unless one of them has a secret…

When Scarlett and Rufus’s baby plans are decimated by a surprise turn of events, their marriage hits the rocks and they both turn to Shannon. All three relationships are pushed to breaking point, but when loyalties become divided, how do you decide who’s most important?


Author Bio


Michele writes books with heart and humour, full of best friends, girl power and, of course, love and romance. Call them beach books or summer reads, chick lit or romcom… readers and reviewers call them “feel good”, “relatable” and “thought-provoking”.

She is both a Sunday Times and a USA Today bestselling author, raised in the US and living in London. She is very fond of naps, ice cream and Richard Curtis films but objects to spiders and the word “portion”.

You could follow the author via those links:

Instagram: @michelegormanuk

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Match Me If You Can by Michele Gorman – review


Title: Match Me If You Can

Author: Michele Gorman

Genre: Chick lit, Romance

Pages:216(I read paperback copy, ARC)

Expected publication: January 14th, 2016 by Avon

Author’s page:

My review:

Three roommates Catherine, Sarah and Rachel are the smart, young and single woman. They not just live together, but share the same thought about dating that is better be single than dating with some jerks. Catherine own online dating agency with her ex, who informs her that he will getting merry with his twenty and something girlfriend Magda and he ask her to be good with that. Sarah has to care about her sister with Down’s syndrome. Rachel is an architect and she is the concurrent to her ex-boyfriend with whom she works in the same company.

I like how the story in this book flowing, first three chapters are the introduction of the characters without going deeper in the story. Each of the three main characters tells the story of their point of view. Then how the story goes deeper my interest starts to rise on maximum level. I usually don’t like the books written in the third person, but here I find the most interesting story telling, in light, funny way and again I’m confirming that Michele Gorman is one of my favorite authors. I like that the story is told by three mains characters and we have three points of view very well fit in the narrative tone and whole my picture of this book.

The culmination starts when Catherine asks her girlfriends and roommates Sarah and Rachel to join her dating site. The purpose of that dating side is everyone to get one of her/his exes and talk about her/him, about her/his flaws and virtues.

The characters are a modern young woman who balancing between their careers, household, and their love lives. Catharine, Sarah, and Rachel are reflections of the London’s young woman. They are perfect examples for the young woman all around the world.

I highly recommend this book to the chick lit lovers, to everyone who wants light, amusing and engaging books.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Nothing Press Hill and Avon.

My rating 5/5.


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Curvy Girls Baby Club by Michele Gorman-review

Title: The Curvy Girls Baby Club

Author:Michele Gorman
Genre:Chick lit
Pages:120(I was read Kindle edition)
Published:August 20th, 2015

Amazon, BookDepository

My review:

      Katie, Ellie and Jane or co-founders of Curvy Girls Club are back with big news.

Ellie is back from her honeymoon and she is a pregnant. She and her husband are happy but she couldn’t tell the news to her mother in law, because she drives her crazy and she is real monster in law.
Jane with two kids we know that from Curvy Girls Club now expecting new baby on the way.
Katie and her boyfriend are still together and surprisingly they have news too.
If the fatness was problem in their lives before now they have more than one problem. The pregnancy is not easy: all body changes morning sickness and hormones are new things that they must deal with it.
      I love to read about Ellie, Katie and Jane’s lives, especially how they continue with their lives. All of them were finding their happiness with their body, Katie was finding her love too, Jane was back to job she wants and Ellie was married. In previous book they try to deal with their bodies now they try to deal with their pregnancy with love and support and lots of humor. I love to read how their friendship helps them to get through pregnancy. I admire to their honesty, they share everything, every single thought, every little thing that they sense or experience with each other without hesitation and that helps them much. 
     It’s short story about hundred pages, but I don’t find anything that miss in it. 
This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
My rating 5/5(amazing)
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The Curvy Girls Baby Club by Michele Gorman- release day


Ellie is fresh back from her honeymoon and can’t wait to share her news with her best friends Katie and Jane. To everyone’s surprise, mother-of-two Jane has news of her own… The women are due a day apart and Katie can’t wait to be an honorary auntie to the babies.

But it’s hard to keep your sense of humour, not to mention your self-esteem, in the face of hemorrhoids and elasticated waistbands. Add a clingy mother-in-law, a career in cardiac arrest and a sex life that makes Mother Theresa look lusty, and soon their lives are as out of control as their bodies.

As the co-founders of The Curvy Girls Club, where loving yourself is the only rule, will the friends be able to practice what they preach?

Amazon price at 99p/99c for the next week!So go grub your copy:

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The Curvy Girls Club by Michele Gorman-review and launch day

Title:The Curvy Girls Club

Author:Michele Gorman
Genre:Chick lit
Pages:386 (kindle)
Published:April 24th 2014 by Createspace

Author’s page:Michele Gorman

My review:

      Katie is curvy girl and she is not very much popular to her boss on her work. Despite her dedication in her work in Nutritious, she doesn’t get what she deserves- respect. Her life will be disastrous if she doesn’t have her best friends Jane, Pixie and Ellie, they are friends since meeting at Slimming Zone. All of them are curvy, wants to be skinny and try in every possible way to get that perfect body.
     One day Katie doesn’t feels as wants be skinny any more, she wants to enjoy in their meetings and talk about normal things, do normal stuff as going to the movie and seed in comfortable seats etc. Katie suggests that is good to have a club, a curvy girls club, so everyone who wants to enjoy in events that they organized could enjoy them. Jane was quit her job on TV for her marriage safe and now she things that she is too fat for TV. Pixie has abusive husband and two wonderful kids. Ellie has one perfect most wanted man besides her.
    This club could be big stuff or just four of them dreaming? Whether Katie will get respect which she deserved and gets some attention from most wanted Alex? Whether Pixie goes on with her life without her husband or will stay and makes this marriage to works? Whether Jane finds her job on TV? Whether Ellie keep her perfect man? You will find out if you get this amazing book.

    This book left big effect on me because of few things: it was funny, it has great story and it has big message. I laugh a lot till I read Curvy Girls Club, it was enjoyable read. The story is so realistic to me, because there are normal people with so normal problems, I was curvy or I should say fat after my first born child, I get 20 kg. more in my pregnancy and I don’t feel very happy, not because I was fat but because of that new me and because where I was look everyone was skinny woman and man: on TV, in my workplace, in magazines everywhere-skinny, skinny!!! The message is that everyone whether is skinny or curvy should be happy with their body if they don’t have health problems, they should be feeling that they are perfect, because everyone in this world is unique and is piece of God or piece of Universe! 
So these are the reasons why I like this book so much.

This book was provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.
My rating 5/5(amazing)

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Perfect Girl by Michele Gorman-review

Title: Perfect Girl
Author: Michele Gorman
Genre: Chick-lit
Pages: 326(kindle)

Published:October 14th 2014 by Notting Hill Press

Buy this book here: Amazon

author’s page:

My review:

      If you meet Carol you will know that she is a perfect girl. Carol is on service to everyone: her mother, her sister, Zoe-foreign student from Toulouse she lives six years with Carol’s parents, to her friend even to Ben, her boyfriend. She is so committed to help everyone that she doesn’t have time for herself. Her sister Marley will marries and she suppose to help her in preparation. She is working in bank and, like you think so, she is workaholic. Ben working much lately and doesn’t have time as he should to spend with her. What will happen?  Will Carol stay like she is or she will burst someday?

      I was so excited when I receive this book and I’m still excited now when I read it. I like Michel books she has proved as great chick-lit author many times I have read two of her books: “ChristmasCarol” and “Single in the City” (click on links to read my reviews) and this is one great book too. I like the theme is profound and narrowed on some unique way with many humor.

      I like Carol so much because she is lovely and she wants to help to everyone. I don’t like how she deals with her colleagues on work; I couldn’t tell you much about this because of spoilers. I was laugh when she helps to her best friend to choose a date. Carol is that kind of woman that every woman will identify with some of her reactions ridiculous or serious.

This book was provided by publisher Noting Press Hill in exchange for a honest review.

My rating 4/5(great book).
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The Expat Diaries: Single in the City by Michele Gorman-review

Title: The Expat Diaries: Single in the City
Author: Michele Gorman
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Chick-lit
Pages: 288(kindle)

buy this book: Amazon, BookDepository

My review:

     After she was laid off from work young American Hannah goes to live in UK. She spends few weeks in her hotel, which is not like ads represent it. After many self convictions and many telephone calls with her best friend from US she decides to search London’s pubs for little love and London’s agencies for decent job. With many hilarious moment she will finds best friends and housemates.
     This is hilarious book, I was laughed to tears in all those “spectacles’’ that Hannah passes through. First most laughable moments are when Hannah passing cultural barriers, second are job issues and third her weekend with Potential.
    The book isn’t just laugh, but it’s deep as well. The author reveals us how it looks like when someone left the borders of his/her homeland and decide to lives in other country different from his/her homeland. Most important thing in the book is that Hannah living her life in London tries to find herself and to find what she really wants.
     I adore Hannah; she is funny, gorgeous and beautiful. I like how she manages alone, especially when she confronts her stilted boss; I also like when she passes weird moments. With few words Hannah is perfect main character in my opinion.
     If you like a book hilarious like Confession of a Shopaholic and if you like heroine like Bridged in Bridget Jones’s Diary then this is perfect book for you.
This book was provided from the publisher

My rating 5/5(amazing book) Widgets Widgets

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Christmas Carol by Michele Gorman-review

Title: Christmas Carol
Author: Michele Gorman
Genre: Chick-lit,Romance
Pages: 59
buy this book here: Amazon
author’s page:

Michele on social media:
twitter: @expatdiaries

My review:

Christmas is special time of the year, but for Marley is the very special day, maybe day of her life, because she getting married. But the story isn’t about Marley it’s about her sister Carol. Carol is not excited about Christmas time even she is not excited about her sister’s wedding. She feels trapped somewhere in rural Scotland with her family and her ex boyfriend.
Carol is very interesting character. She is intelligent, good looking and fashioned workaholic .I like her so much and I laugh on her reaction and thoughts.
The novel is short and funny, so the pages were turning fast. The Christmas is distant from now, but while I read this book I feel warmed and pleasant just like Christmas was here. Rural Scotland, Christmas and wedding all those things are so exciting and make you feel completely romantic. All I saying is that Michelle done great job writing this amazing novel.

This book is: