Sleeping with Paris by Juliette Sobanet

Title:Sleeping with Paris
Author:Juliette Sobanet

Author’s web:

If you liked Bridget Jones Diaries by Helen Fielding you will like this book too.

My review:

       If you want chocolate and Paris and if you need some extra advices “how to survive been a single” you’re the right person for this book.
Mmmm, Paris city of love…and… chocolate …
   Who may withstand this!?
   Charlotte Summers is a young French teacher who is engaged with Jeff. They intend to go to live in Paris, but Charlotte discovers Jeff have online dating profile. She discovers that Jeff is cheating bastard and left him. She goes in Paris to study at Sorbonne University. All alone there she feels so lonely and miserable. Charlotte in Paris creates a blog and post advices or rules-how she calls them –how to date like a man.
She meet Luk a French sexy guy and some great friends, who will help her to forget Jeff‘s little adventure and to heal her broken heart.
     This amazing book has so many authentically scenes from city and city’s life so will bring you in Paris. The French guy, Luk fills that entire French-romantic atmosphere.
     When I read about Charlotte I thought: “She just like me.”
     Charlotte is young women with a normal needs and wishes, all she want is to love somebody and to beloved.
All I can say about this book is: 

Happy Holidays!!!


       Hello to everyone!

    Happy Holidays to you my dear ones,
Marry Christmas,and have a fabulous New 2012  year let all your dreams come true!!!
I wish you all the best,more reading,more books in your mailbox,more happiness and more love!


Wyndano’s Cloak

Title: Wyndano’s Cloak
Author:  A.R. Silverberry
Genre: Young Adult,Fantasy
Pages: 424

Author web:

If you liked Alice in Wonderland,you will like this book too


My review:

      Young adult novel for 10-12th years old, but when I started to read this book I can’t put it down till I read it (I’m 34).This book is for all ages. It’s a fantasy book with well developed characters.

      Jen is amazing girl; she is strong, careful and vicarious. She is a princess. Jen living in castle Rose Castle which is in the land of Aerdem. Jen was apart from her family and she go back when evil attack again. She was warned from Medlara that evil come to attack, but they all think that is about a hurricane.
All family, her father and mother and Dash –her brother and his fiancée are gone to ball in a Dash honour. There was evil aunt Naryfel , like fake Vieveeka ,but she not attacked there. She waits till they went at home in Castle, then she…
     Wyndano’s cloak will resolve they problem and just with it they will be win Naryfel, it have a special power and Jen was used it, but she was hurt when she use it in the past.
     What she going to do? How she escape from Naryfel? How she is saved her family?
    There its more then fantasy in this book. This is the book for trust, love and support.Family can be happy and together if they support each other.


What to expect in January

This are the words of my favorite author Alexandra Lanc,she have some great news:
     “Dear readers, today is the day that I am unveiling my Blog Tour button(featuring Terren from The Foxfire Chronicles: Shadows of Past Memories) for January!
This Blog Tour is going to be my first, and I’m so excited! I won’t give away everything yet, but I can tell you that there will not only be other blogs participating, but that you’ll find some great info here on my blog as well in January. In short, it won’t be a month to miss!
And not only will it be a great Tour, but I’ll also be doing an amazingGiveaway! I won’t say what I’m giving away yet either, but you won’t want to miss it…and I can at least say that it will involve a signed book, among other things, and that there will be more than a few prizes.
Also in January, Lyrics of the Heart will be released! This novella is very special to me, and not only because I wrote it. It is also special because January 23rd – 29th (the first sales week), I will be collecting all of my book proceeds from Lyrics of the Heart, and donating them to the Red Cross. So please, help me spread the word about this novella and the donation week so together, we can raise a good amount for those in need.
And now, without further ado, I present to you the Lyrical Foxfire Tour & Giveaway button! Below this button is the HTML. Please feel free to grab the button/HTML and post it to your website or blog, and help me spread the word about the Tour and Giveaway (and mention the Lyrics of the Heartdonation week if you’d like to, too!).”

I can’t wait…till January…

Shadows of Past Memories


Title:Shadows of past memories
Author:Alexandra Lanc
(part of the series:
The Firefox Chronicles)

      What would do if your best friend moving far away? She is like your sister. You think that isn’t right decision…That happened to Aura. She is on a way to lost her best friend Terren. But what really happened with their lives. Strange creatures attacked them. Fear, supplication and tears. Seems they are lucky, they are saved from other beings.
Then Terren reveal that she isn’t what she thinks that she is. She isn’t human being. 
     What really happened I asked myself constantly, when I reading this book. Reality, dreams and parallel worlds are mixed in this book.
     Main characters are real girls with real lives, dreams and needs. But in their lives shows some creatures some of them want to hurt them, the others want to protect them, evil creatures and good creatures. The fight between good and evil.
     The creatures: Airian –master of the evil creatures, Ikura –good creature and the others creatures seems to me realistic, when I reading about them like I see them in front of me-Yikes! I feel the shivers through my body when I remind to some of them, specially the evil one. But like I told you there are good creatures too…
     In that disorder in her life Terren learn who she really is.
Ikura and Koren and the other good creatures give her a book, ancient book.
The story in that ancient book is fabulous. I liked so much.
     Alexandra is an excellent narrator. She makes me to believe in this story in these creatures and in their worlds.                     I must say:


Title: Everblossom
Author:Larissa Hinton
Genre: Short stories
Pages: 61

From Goodreads:
An anthology that will quench your thirst for more than the ordinary. 

Everblossom is a journey through poems and short stories that may seem ordinary on the surface but dig a little deeper and the world not only shifts. It changes. 

From the author who brought you Iwishacana/Acanawishi, she now brings you a dash of everything from dark fantasy to the paranormal to even romance. So prepare yourself to delve into the three stages of the flower from bud to blossom then back to seed, you’ll go through them all with a whole new perspective on what it all truly means. 

My review:
“Bud to blossom
till dusk til noon
from sunlight to sunset
do you know the circle of life?
From the womb to the grave
from blood to dust
this is how the world began
and how it shall end
to seed to seed to seed . . .”
        Do you know the circle of life?
This verse telling everything about this short book, which included poems and short stories, and again poems then stories…
   This book is about glory of life, life that begins from seed to blossom, from new born baby to mature men. The stories are so short and interesting like my grandmother tales, exciting and crops of fantasy. Life disperses in any directions and ways just like that the stories in this book surround every topic of life and living.  

A Dixie Christmas by Sandra Hill

A Dixie ChristmasA Dixie Christmas by Sandra Hill

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love Christmas story.

This is not a regular Christmas story this is a much more story about love and sex before Christmas.

Two stories one about Clayton Jessup and Annie and the other one about Brenda and Lance.

Clayton is a businessman. He is going to Memphis for selling his hotel “The Blue Suede Suites”. This hotel was belonging to his mother. She abandoned him and dies in Memphis in fire. All the time in this story seems like Elvis Prissily shows up over his songs and over the bizarre group of Elvis impersonators who’ve set up a living Nativity scene on his property. In that group is Annie. Clayton faint and Annie help him.

Clayton is vain businessman that seems right to me, but he falling in love at first sight, that is out of my understanding. I believe in love at first sight but not in that way like is describes in this novel. It’s seems to me not real.

Annie is a cowgirl, sweet and adorable. She still virgin in her almost thirty –is possible, but with her “activity” in one night with Clayton- I don’t know.

Other story is about Brenda and Lance. They were in marriage and now are divorced. Lance tries to make things right and get back Brenda in his life, not just for him and Brenda, but for their young daughter, Patti.

I like this story more then first one.

Brenda is real women how likes to do things right and don’t forget easy when someone

cheats her.

Lance is a big star in NASCAR. He was been not responsible and he was big trash with his women.

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Angel Evolution

Title:Angel Evolution
Author:David Estes
Genre:Fantasy,Angels,Young adult
(part of trilogy)

My review:

       My first thought was “o my God, it’s a horror book”, but isn’t just Taylor (main character) had a bad dream…This book is a tale of one evolution, an evolution of not human beings, and an evolution of angels.
        In this book is a fantastic story how is generated special species (The Beings):
 “In 1846 a young men Clifford hiking in Amazon jungle was attacked by one black snake. Clifford was mutated in some being. Since that day started generations of angels, demons and other creatures.” 
      Gabriel’s (interesting name) actions could change the course of history
forever. Gabriel is an angel and he is in a college when is involve with other college students like an ordinary boy. When Gabriel and Taylor meet it’s not by accident. Taylor notices his strange glow over his body as no one else did.
      Taylor is a college student. She is a girl who don’t like to pretend and want to be “Just-a –Taylor”, don’t wore a make up and she isn’t a fashion girl. Taylor have a nightmares every night when she closing her eyes.
       Sam is a Taylor‘s best friend. She is an opposite of Taylor. She is a cheerleader and she is that kind of girl who breaks every boy heart and girl in every boy dreams.
Sam likes to makes friends. She is found a Marla, a girl in next door.
 There is interesting mixture of characters and there relations.
       As classical philologist I’m impressed by author’s knowledge in classics, especially in Greek mythology. He uses a geek mythology name for example: Dionysius and uses a Latin phrase Seize the day (Carpe diem).
   Reading this book it was like a watching movie. I hardly wait two other books from these trilogy.

For all who love books… is there anything more pleasant the smell of freshly brewed coffee and pleasant music while turning the pages of a good book?