A Dixie Christmas by Sandra Hill

A Dixie ChristmasA Dixie Christmas by Sandra Hill

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love Christmas story.

This is not a regular Christmas story this is a much more story about love and sex before Christmas.

Two stories one about Clayton Jessup and Annie and the other one about Brenda and Lance.

Clayton is a businessman. He is going to Memphis for selling his hotel “The Blue Suede Suites”. This hotel was belonging to his mother. She abandoned him and dies in Memphis in fire. All the time in this story seems like Elvis Prissily shows up over his songs and over the bizarre group of Elvis impersonators who’ve set up a living Nativity scene on his property. In that group is Annie. Clayton faint and Annie help him.

Clayton is vain businessman that seems right to me, but he falling in love at first sight, that is out of my understanding. I believe in love at first sight but not in that way like is describes in this novel. It’s seems to me not real.

Annie is a cowgirl, sweet and adorable. She still virgin in her almost thirty –is possible, but with her “activity” in one night with Clayton- I don’t know.

Other story is about Brenda and Lance. They were in marriage and now are divorced. Lance tries to make things right and get back Brenda in his life, not just for him and Brenda, but for their young daughter, Patti.

I like this story more then first one.

Brenda is real women how likes to do things right and don’t forget easy when someone

cheats her.

Lance is a big star in NASCAR. He was been not responsible and he was big trash with his women.

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Angel Evolution

Title:Angel Evolution
Author:David Estes
Genre:Fantasy,Angels,Young adult
(part of trilogy)

My review:

       My first thought was “o my God, it’s a horror book”, but isn’t just Taylor (main character) had a bad dream…This book is a tale of one evolution, an evolution of not human beings, and an evolution of angels.
        In this book is a fantastic story how is generated special species (The Beings):
 “In 1846 a young men Clifford hiking in Amazon jungle was attacked by one black snake. Clifford was mutated in some being. Since that day started generations of angels, demons and other creatures.” 
      Gabriel’s (interesting name) actions could change the course of history
forever. Gabriel is an angel and he is in a college when is involve with other college students like an ordinary boy. When Gabriel and Taylor meet it’s not by accident. Taylor notices his strange glow over his body as no one else did.
      Taylor is a college student. She is a girl who don’t like to pretend and want to be “Just-a –Taylor”, don’t wore a make up and she isn’t a fashion girl. Taylor have a nightmares every night when she closing her eyes.
       Sam is a Taylor‘s best friend. She is an opposite of Taylor. She is a cheerleader and she is that kind of girl who breaks every boy heart and girl in every boy dreams.
Sam likes to makes friends. She is found a Marla, a girl in next door.
 There is interesting mixture of characters and there relations.
       As classical philologist I’m impressed by author’s knowledge in classics, especially in Greek mythology. He uses a geek mythology name for example: Dionysius and uses a Latin phrase Seize the day (Carpe diem).
   Reading this book it was like a watching movie. I hardly wait two other books from these trilogy.

A Girl Like You by Gemma Burgess

Title:A girl like you
Author:Gemma Burgess

If you liked :          Confession of a shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

you will like this book.

My review:

 I was looking for some good chick-lit book which made me laugh and I find this. I’m not disappointed.
   Its look like Abigail-main character speaks with reader.
I feel like a have conversation with her that is so intimate and its good feeling.
     Abigail learns how to enjoy in her singledom after breaking with her boyfriend, Peter. She learns how to date with boys and try not to be boring. She is so funny and I enjoy in every single word that’s coming out of her mouth .Good job, Gemma!
    Ah, Robert is a charming man. I adore him. Robert is a flatmate to Abigail; he helps her by giving her advices like how to seduce a boy and how to be a single.  
    Plum-I just wanted to shut her mouth. She is the best girlfriend to Abigail, but she is so chatty and she swears too much.
   Sophie is a small sister to Abigail. How lovely! They are like friends, help each other and appreciate each other.
   There are more characters I choose these because I liked them.
Real book and appropriate for every part of year, for every generation, for every taste. You will enjoy in this book. If you like funny, interesting and chick-lit books just grab it and read it.

Snowed in by Rachel Hawthorne

Title:Snowed in
Author:Rachel Hawthorn
Genre:Romance,Young adult

My review:

 Just a perfect novel for this part of year.

     We still waiting for snow here in my country,but that don’t stop me to enjoy in this book.Is cold outside,but is pleasant in my home near fireplace.
Ashleigh’s mam and dad are divorced.Her dad decide to live with his girlfriend and marry her.Ashleigh and her mam move in small island in winter.There a lot of snow and it’s cold.Ashleigh is grown up in Texas and she use to be in worm place and big city and now she get use to live in small and cold island where everyone know each other.She like dating with boyfriends,one boyfriend for two or three dates and she can’t imagine having one boyfriend.
      I think that Ashleigh’s situation is because of her dad.She thinks that her dad is culpable for divorce with her mam.
     Ashleigh will meet some great people in island.She will find a friends…
Her mam bought a big Victorian house and give it name “Chateau Ashleigh”.Ashleigh’s mam(I forgot her name) will bring back her wonderful smile in this island.
    Ashleigh’s mother is a women who is lost her marriage,but she will find a happiness with her daughter and new place to life.She will make brand new life.

Something about you

Title:Something about you
Author:Julie James 

If you liked    “Olivia Joules…by Helen Fielding”
.. you will like this book(Something about you)

My review:

      I’m a little bit surprised .FBI agents and murder and investigation. I expected something different, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy reading this book.
I should have known that, because Julie James is graduated from Low College…
She makes perfect characters that bring in us in story with flashbacks (I like it)-now and what happens before three years ago.    
    Cameron is strong women and she is Assistant U.S. Attorney, she likes her job and enjoys being in courtroom. But after her dad’s death she becomes little unstable. Cameron looks like women made of steel, she acting like that, but she so vulnerable specially when she been witness of murder. That situation brings in her to meet Jack Pallas. Three years ago Cameron ruins his career and now she must corporate with him.
     Jack Pallas is a tough guy, FBI agent, angry of Cameron (she thinks that) and very hot man (agent Hottie).He isn’t romantic guy. He isn’t heard about “Sex and the city” and chick-flicks.
     Opposite of Jack Pallas is an agent Wilkins he is a “good cop” and he is secondary character.
     Collin is Cameron best friend. He is a sport columnist like Carrie Bradshaw in men’s world (like say Wilkins).
      What will happen with Cameron? If tension between Cameron and Jack will end and how will end?

Life,Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo

Title:Life,Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo
Author:Heather Wardell

My review:

       Candice and Ian have perfect marriage before his parents died in car accident when they buying a Christmas  presents.Ian accuse Candice for his loss.Their marriage is on the edge.Ian must go in foreign country  for four-week to work.
      Candice work like assistant designer.Everything is good she have time enough to think how to safe her marriage,but…Kegan her first love is her client in work.Candice must help him to design his new restaurant.He is so handsome and adorable!
       Will she do that and broke her marriage or she will resist to her old love?

My thoughts:  Love is pure and clear.Love is one thing who live forever.When one day happen never end.When you say “yes” there no coming back you’re in forever lasting love cycle.Is that really true? No!!!
       That happen just in stories.In real life love is so complicated.One improper thing is enough to ruin hole life to two people who promise one another eternal love.

The Madonna of the almonds

This is my first review.Woohoo!

  Isn’t it that true history is written by winners?
  Isn’t it that history have all the facts from the pass?
  Maybe!Maybe not!

  Marina Fiorato in “The Madonna of the almonds” makes me believe every word that she has written.This is the book which make you out of yourself  for a while time. I don’t read any book,until I don’t  adapt my impressions.
This is what it’s all about:
    “In the time of wars in Italy it created some big love and the most tasteful almond liqueur.This book is the story of  love and the origin of almond liqueur.
     Bernardino Luini  has a mission to make fresco in some churches in Lombardy.There he meets the beautiful Simonetta di Saronno a young widow.Her husband died in battle in  Pavia.She was very sad for her loss and only prayers and staring in the distance is her consolation.Her husband also spend all their money.
     Bernardino is dangler.He don’t relate with any women for long time.But some women will steal his heard.When he saw Simonetta all his painted saints have her look.Love is in the air…”

    I was animated of  descriptions of paintings and person’s look and mixture of history facts and fiction.

For all who love books… is there anything more pleasant the smell of freshly brewed coffee and pleasant music while turning the pages of a good book?