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Legacy, Andalucian Night #3 by Hannah Fielding- review


Title: Legacy

Author: Hannah Fielding

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Pages: 448( I’ve read Kindle edition)

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Author’s page:

My review:

Luna half Spanish half American gets an undercover job to investigate the controversial work of Doctor Rodrigo Rueda de Calderon. She must go in Spain for that, and the doctor isn’t what she expects to be, a young and attractive man. The attraction is vivid between them but could they cross all secrets and finally find true love?

Legacy is the third book of the Andalucian Nights series and is perfectly written like the other two books. Hannah Fielding doesn’t spare words but genuinely gives us in this perfect story which started in Indiscretion, the first book of this series. This is well written and engaging story, which brings my emotions up and down along with Luna and Rodrigo.

Luna is smart and dedicated to work young woman, who is frightened to give her heart. Rodrigo is a half-gypsy, and his reputation isn’t good, but his charm and humor work like a magnet to Luna.

I like how they met and how slowly get to knowing each other playing hot and cold. The settings, beautiful Cadiz on the Spanish coast makes the story to sound more convenient and more romantic. The house on the beach which Luna rents is fascinating, and it fits very well in the picture of Cadiz.

The whole package which includes the story and the characters is unforgettable, and It will stay in my mind long time.

I recommend Legacy for everyone who likes romance in extremely romantic and exotic settings and for everyone who loves intriguing love story twining with secrets.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 5/5(amazing book)

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Kung Fu Kitty Laying Down the Law by Lauri Bortz- review

Title:Kung Fu Kitty Laying Down the Law

Author:Lauri Bortz

Genre: Children’s book

Pages:72 (I was read paperback)

Published: Abaton Book Company; 1st edition (March 3, 2015)

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Kung Fu Kitty called Wu Zhua in previous book set the cat nation free from the Monkey Dynasty, who rules in Monkey Kingdom. Now in this book Wu Zhua learn how is to be independent and lives independent life without slavery and oppression. She is new president of the newfound nation Catland, which is situated inside the borders of former Monkey Kingdom, along the Yellow River in ancient China. The citizens of the Catland must follow these rules:

A cat must be loyal to family

And do his best to keep folk free.

A cat may kill spiders, mice and rats

But never, ever other cats

A cat shouldn’t steal, curse or lie

Or poke his neighbor in the eye…

There are other rules too, I choose first of those rules just to illustrate to you how Wu Zhua imagine her world and nation live in peace.

The story is very captivating and very rich with characters and scenes, which I imagine so easily and in the meantime enjoy in them. My imagination was fueled not just with those incredible great described scenes but with black and white illustrations. These illustrations are made by Michael Gentile very well   with black ink on white paper. Here in Kung Fu Kitty the story of Exodus is retold with animal characters and the main character is cat.

I like how Wu Zhua is described and how she manages to lead her cat nation in independency and emancipation. In her character I see real person not an animal. Lately I have plenty of thought which telling me that animal are smarter than people and that they deserve more care and attention from us. They are pure souls who need care as babies. There in the book they are as humans, they are independent and they talk, look after oneself and manage their own kingdom with rules.

I recommend this book to everyone. This is not just a story for children, but this is the captivating story for all ages, about freedom and bravery.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review>

My rating: 4/5(great book)

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Aubrey Rules by Aven Ellis- review

Title: The Aubrey Rules

Author: Aven Ellis

Genre: Chick lit, Romance

Pages: 261( I’ve read Kindle copy)

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (August 26, 2015)

Author’s page:

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My review:

Aubrey is hurry up for a job interview and she falls in front of the very sexy and handsome man. Falling down she pours everything that she has in her bag including her keys. Pouring all things from her bag is not the end of the world, but her tampons are under his leg and that is embarrassing. That is not all, he looks at her a polka-dot Kate Spade notebook where are her treasures, her rules for living. Maybe that is the sign that those rules soon will be broken!

I like that this is first book in hokey player’s series. There will be so interesting light, romance stories. Maybe the critical minded reader will say that is all about one the same topic one man meets one woman, he is hokey player she is beautiful, but it’s not like that, every book from this series has unique story. It’s different how they meet , how the love story goes and there are different obstacles , so this is romance, it’s suppose to make you shiver down your spine and definitely this book does that to me. I love how story goes, how they meet and I was intrigued by their second meeting. I like that how he stood up for her.

There is something in the Aven’s characters, especially female characters. The author builds them in unique way; they are recognizable as her female characters. They are incredibly cute and in the beginning little bit shy and then very strong and passionate, they are kind and helpful, full with respect to the other people. The male characters are very sexy, so they suppose to be sexy, because they are hokey players. Who doesn’t want to read about sexy hokey players!?  All those things that I’ve said about all Aven’s characters I could say about Aubrey and Beckett too.

I like Aubrey’s rules to live by. Those sentences are so cute sometime and so funny sometime and brings the story special atmosphere. She lives by those rules and tries not to break them, but when she comes in certain situation she broke them so easy and it came as funny thing in the story.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 5/5(amazing)

Other books from Aven Ellis:

Waiting for Prince HarryThe Definition of Icing and Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista

I hope you will enjoy in this books like I do!

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Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella- review

Title: Wedding Night

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Genre: Chick lit,Romantic Comedy

Pages:464(I was read paperback on Macedonian language)


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My review:

All what she wants is to be loved and get married with him. All what she her sister wants is to stop her to do mistake.

Lottie and Fliss are sisters. Lottie is younger one and she jump to conclusions, beside she is desperate romantic soul. Fliss has burned in her past and all she needs is calm life for her son and happiness for her sister. Lottie doesn’t allows her that at all, she has her own plans.

The story is settled in UK and then in Greece island, which brings exotic and romantic energy to the story. It is tells by Lottie and Fliss point of view, which makes it very interesting to read what are their expectations, their wishes and how they act to get what they want; to be more interesting and hilarious they have opposite wishes and plans to get those wishes come true. It’s been long time when I was read something from Sophie Kinsella and then I bought this book and I’m not regret at all. It’s funny and interesting. The things in Greece could be conducted otherwise, but if that happened then it’s couldn’t be funny at all, the book will be just romance not romantic comedy.

I like Lottie. She is spontaneous and naive, that makes her funny and she falls in funny situations, especially when she is frustrated and nervous. She is so eager to get what she wants so that makes me laugh out loud, especially when she goes in Greece- hilarious!

Fliss is more stable, she knows her sister very well and she predicts what is her next step fooling her self around. Fliss her intentions to get what she wants or actually what she doesn’t wants and her acting to get that are hilarious. I was laughing out loud as crazy person reading her intrigues. So funny!

This book was bought by me.

My rating 5/5(amazing)