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Green Tea Latte To go by Aven Ellis-review


Title:Green Tea Latte To Go

Author:Aven Ellis

Genre:Fiction, Romantic Comedy, Romance

Pages:286(I read Kindle copy)

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Publisher: RJM Publishing (September 13, 2016)

Author’s page:


Although her parents thought that Payton is ridiculous and not approve her blogging career, Payton still thinks that she will succeed. Payton is an independent girl who endeavors and wants perfections, whether that be her looking or achievements in her career, even her green tea latte is perfectly chosen to be the perfect drink for her.

One day Payton goes in her usual coffee shop and orders her green tea latte, but she gets coffee which is not her but Brooks’ a perfect Englishman with beautiful brown eyes.

I like this book like all Aven Ellis’s books that I’ve read, because of it with her recognizable calm tone, enthusiastic story line, and sparkle and breathing new character.Yes, breathing because Ellis brings life in her characters they are like breathing, alive persons. I like the light way and like delightful Payton.

Payton is a girl like every girl in the world ambitious, trendsetter, a girl with style. I like how she manage to accomplish all her aspirations.

Brooks is every woman’s dream boyfriend. He knows what he wants and what doesn’t want, he knows how to conquest the girl’s heart.

I recommend this book to everyone who wants to read light, heart melting funny books, to everyone who believes that true love can defeat all obstacles.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 5/5 (amazing book).

amazing, Aven Ellis, book post, review, romance

Trivial Pursuits by Aven Ellis- review ARC


Title: Trivial Pursuits

Author: Aven Ellis

Genre: Romance

Page: 295(I read Kindle copy)

author’s page:

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My review:

Livy is ordinary twenty and something girl. She wants to be jewelry designer since she graduates it, but she is unemployed and lives in her parents’ house. Livy’s world crashed up when she caught her boyfriend cheating her since then she doesn’t trust men. Every day she plays trivia games with one man.

Landy is a famous hockey player well known for hooking up with a beautiful woman, no dating just hooking up. He is a dream that every woman could want to have, handsome, athletics, flirty that kind of man that Livy should stay away. Could she get away from him?

I enjoy in every single word which Aven Elis writes, this book isn’t exception from that- I love this book!

This book filled with a romantic atmosphere which brings me shiver down my spine and giggle many times as lunatic in the middle of the night. I especially like and giggle on the “computer sex” part LOL that was hilarious. I’m still laughing.

I love how Elis writes and how she brings things from one point to another, from one level to higher level. It makes me think that her book is like knitwear one knit, and another leads to perfection.

The characters are wonderful starting with knowing each other and big sweet romance growing slowly between them. Livy’s sweetness is unbelievable good, and Landon is irresistible and smart. The battle in Livy’s head about him is cute and entertaining. I like how the story between them goes and makes me read till the end.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes well written a romantic story which hooks you up till the end, but when the end comes you will stay with sigh still holding the book or you Kindle in your hand wanting more.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 5/5(amazing book)

amazing, chick lit, review, romance

Aubrey Rules by Aven Ellis- review

Title: The Aubrey Rules

Author: Aven Ellis

Genre: Chick lit, Romance

Pages: 261( I’ve read Kindle copy)

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (August 26, 2015)

Author’s page:

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My review:

Aubrey is hurry up for a job interview and she falls in front of the very sexy and handsome man. Falling down she pours everything that she has in her bag including her keys. Pouring all things from her bag is not the end of the world, but her tampons are under his leg and that is embarrassing. That is not all, he looks at her a polka-dot Kate Spade notebook where are her treasures, her rules for living. Maybe that is the sign that those rules soon will be broken!

I like that this is first book in hokey player’s series. There will be so interesting light, romance stories. Maybe the critical minded reader will say that is all about one the same topic one man meets one woman, he is hokey player she is beautiful, but it’s not like that, every book from this series has unique story. It’s different how they meet , how the love story goes and there are different obstacles , so this is romance, it’s suppose to make you shiver down your spine and definitely this book does that to me. I love how story goes, how they meet and I was intrigued by their second meeting. I like that how he stood up for her.

There is something in the Aven’s characters, especially female characters. The author builds them in unique way; they are recognizable as her female characters. They are incredibly cute and in the beginning little bit shy and then very strong and passionate, they are kind and helpful, full with respect to the other people. The male characters are very sexy, so they suppose to be sexy, because they are hokey players. Who doesn’t want to read about sexy hokey players!?  All those things that I’ve said about all Aven’s characters I could say about Aubrey and Beckett too.

I like Aubrey’s rules to live by. Those sentences are so cute sometime and so funny sometime and brings the story special atmosphere. She lives by those rules and tries not to break them, but when she comes in certain situation she broke them so easy and it came as funny thing in the story.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 5/5(amazing)

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