Juliette Sobanet, review, romance

Confessions of a City Girl Boxed Set by Juliette Sobanet-review

Title: Confessions of a City Girl
Author:Juliette Sobanet
Genre:Romance,Chick Lit
Pages:154(I was read Kindle copy)

Author’s page:

My review:

When she was young girl Natasha was forced to live Hollywood life with her actress mother.Behind the glamour she experienced all negativeness with that kind of life and she is still stays normal. Now she is married with professor and she dreams about kids and warm family life.Her mother,Ava before she died said to her that she is not born to be normal and that professor husband is not deserves her at all. Then Ava left to Natasha omen and all her pictures captured by Natasha through years -the real Ava: Ava crying, Ava half naked, Ava drunk. The omen was all those pictures to be exposed by Natasha. That night when Natasha exposed the pictures and arranged to sold the Gallery her life was turned up side down.

In less of one hundred pages this story is set.It’s warm an heard melted. I enjoy in every single word of it. How not to enjoy when every thing that I want in one romance is there: love,romantic atmosphere , strong woman character.
Natasha is strong woman who, lost her path in her life marring the first decent man ,who she is meet. He isn’t so decent after all. Natasha has just her friend Liz to talk, but even she is often absent.
Nicolas  is warm and very pleasant character, even if he is little bit arrogant.

The second novella here in this set is about Natasha’s

girlfriend Liz. She is cover agent in CIA, but no one except 

her father and her sister knows that. Even Natasha doesn’t
 know what she is working.Liz’s work doesn’t allow her  
relationship.She made mistake and she pay for it. Her father 
knowing that she is out of herself sent her to her sister to
attend yoga classes and research a little bit about her new 
brother in law.
It’s very interesting novella as a first one.Two stories 
as connected with one little thing that Natasha and Liz are   
 friends.This story contains more excitement, because of Liz’s
 work. It’s not exotic as Hollywood actress work, but is very 
Liz is brave woman she knows what she wants. She step to 
her father’s step (he is in CIA) with his support she is 
really successful, but she needs love.
For warm summer I recommended this two wonderful 

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
My rating 5/5(amazing)

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