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Not Always a Bridesmaid – sale




Wohoo we have big Sale here just follow the links and buy this great anthology four story in one four times better:

4 Stories about Love, Laughter, and
Wedding Disasters.




The plot kept me captivated as a budding romance develops between Chasen and Skye, who seem to have the same vision and goals in life. I found the dialog to be open, honest and heartwarming and a few lines to melt the heart. “It looks like your journey brought you love.” “If you dream together, then it’s a reality.

I enjoyed this fast pace wedding novella with interesting characters. The plot kept the pages turning, and the dialog was entertaining. What happens when the wedding planner and her fiancé have a difference of opinion? A wedding is a girls dream, and she knows what she wants, but what if the groom is trying to rush things?





The Professional Bridesmaid

To help three co-workers coordinate their weddings, Skye Wilson must act as a bridesmaid for them. Skye dreams of becoming a wedding planner and needs to start somewhere and reluctantly agrees. Just when the wedding arrangements and her plans started going wrong, she meets Chasen Dantrell, a handsome limousine driver.

Chasen has a growing limo business. He loves his job but the long hours of waiting by himself wear on him. That is until a cute, blue-eyed bridesmaid named Skye stumbles his way.

As their two worlds become more and more entwined with each wedding they work, Skye wonders if she’ll ever be a bride and would it be Chasen at the end of the aisle with a ring?

The Undecided Bride

When Steven, the man of Bridgette North dreams, proposes she automatically says yes until her fiancé’s constant pressure for a speedy wedding has her questioning his motives and love. Now she is undecided whether she wants to marry him.

Mason is hired to trick Bridgette into marrying Steven quickly to ensure a promotion but ends up falling head-over-heels in love instead.

Can Mason explain his deceit and still win her heart?

And will Bridgette be willing to risk her heart one more time?

Red, White, and Bridesmaid

Jess Caldwell is the third in line to wear the mistletoe headband until she’s kissed. But it’s her best friend Kara’s wedding, Jess needs to keep her mind on designing the flowers and not on the fact that Kara’s older brother, Darrin, who she’s had a crush on for years will be there.

Darrin’s happy to be moving home, and what is even more of a pleasant surprise is seeing her again. Jess isn’t the geeky girl he remembered when he left. But after all the mean things he said in the past, will she give him another chance?

When things at the wedding go wrong, more than fireworks fly for this 4th of July wedding.

Will love be in the air?

The Reluctant Bride

Penelope Moore’s last boyfriend had no qualms about cheating even after he professed his undying love. As a wedding event planner Penelope has seen plenty of happily-ever-after. But with her terrible luck in the relationship department, she is reluctant to believe it will ever happen to her.

Ferguson enjoyed the freedom of bachelorhood until he met his last girlfriend. He considered her the love of his life until she betrayed him. Without his consent, she used his professional experience and knowledge as a private investigator to write and publish a best-selling novel. Ferguson couldn’t forgive her underhanded deceit and ended their relationship.

When Ferguson meets Penelope he is once again willing to risk his heart, but Penelope isn’t as trusting. Just when he is beginning to win the beautiful event planner’s heart, his ex-girlfriend arrives in town and causes heartache all over again.

Can Penelope and Ferguson trust each other and their hearts enough to get their happily-ever-after?

Available now on multiple platforms in eBook and paperback.

Coming soon in audio and foreign language translations.




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Infinite by Cecy Robson – cover reveal + giveaway





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Hale Wilder, aka the Anaconda of Wall Street, spent his childhood fighting to be the best to win his father’s love. He was the best student and the best athlete, who grew into a successful businessman and took the finance world by storm. Want to retire before you’re forty-five? He’s got you. Need your millions to be billions? He’s your man.

Young, rich, and powerful, Hale was unstoppable, until a company scandal destroys his reputation and threatens to bring down everything he’s bled for.

Becca Shields is the kickass public relations goddess spinning scandals to gold and launching has-beens into superstardom. She never expected to see Hale again—not following the humiliating night when her family caught them on the beach, barely clothed.

When Becca discovers Hale is in trouble, she can’t turn her back on the boy who was once her world and the man she never forgot.

Hale never thought he’d have another shot at greatness or with Becca. Now that he has both, he won’t let either go without a fight.

*NOTE* Although a part of a series, INFINITE can be read as a complete STANDALONE and features a new couple!

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Sisterly Love by Michelle Vernal – review+ blog tour

Sisterly Love - High Resolution - Version 2.jpg






Title: Sisterly Love

Author: Michelle Vernal

Genre: Romance, Romantic comedy, Fiction

Pages: 349 (I’ve read Kindle version)






My review:

To escape from her younger sister shadow, Rebecca tries to find her happiness on the other side of the world in Dublin, far away from her family in New Zealand. She gets a job as a secretary in a law firm. But one call and she is back in New Zealand babysitting her niece and nephew. How will she manage to do it? Will she handle?  She left her boss and one night stand Ciaran in Dublin but meets David a single parent.  Ciaran sends her an e-mail, but David helps her with her nephew.

The story is attention-grabbing and funny. It makes me laugh and enjoy Rebecca’s escapades. Descriptions of places and characters are remarkable, and I take pleasure to read them. Just take a look:

“One wouldn’t call it a pretty house, but it had all the qualities that mattered in a home. It oozed a welcoming warmth, and it was solid and dependable, just like its mainstays, her mum and dad.”

Rebecca is an insecure and funny person. She feels that is not worth as her sister is because of her mum’s mumblings.

“That was one broken record that had been playing for most of her adult life. Why had she been blessed with a sister –achievers and a mother who was not only an ageist but a sexist too?”

The scene when Rebecca stuck in an attempt to place herself in the aeroplane seat is hilarious; I felt sick laughing. Here is a little part of that scene:

“Right –on a count of three!” Felt-tip yelled. “One, two, three- PULL!” With her face buried in dandruff man’s scalp, Rebecca wondered if the crowd that had now gathered in the aisle would notice if she burst into tears. Probably not, she surmised. They were all far too busy joining in the circus by shouting out their instruction to the ringmaster: “Try lifting her up and then out.” “No! That won’t work. Keep pulling her towards you.”



Rebecca Loughton’s bumbled her way through her thirty-something years making a few cock-ups along the way. Of course, these wouldn’t be so obvious if it wasn’t for her golden haired, older sister Jennifer.

In a bid to escape Jennifer’s lengthy shadow and to find her happy ever after Rebecca, high-tails it out of her hometown of Christchurch to the other side of the world landing a legal secretary job in the buzzing city of Dublin. A few drinks later, all she has to show for her new life is an embarrassing one-night stand and a dollop of flirtatious banter with her boss Ciaran, who just happens to have a predatory receptionist in hot pursuit of him.

Amidst plans of preventing such a merger, Rebecca receives news that Jennifer’s picture perfect life has a big, fat crack down the middle of it in the form of a philandering husband. Summoned home to look after her sister’s children and cooking school while she works on her marriage, Rebecca finds the reality of looking after two young children along with the bizarre array of guests booked into the cooking school grim. The only bright spot on her horizon are Ciaran’s e-mails but then she meets David Seagar whom she thinks might just be the ending to her happy ever after but will he prove to be far from perfect too?

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Author Bio 


Hello, my name is Michelle Vernal, and by way of introduction, I’m Mum to Josh and Daniel and am married to the super supportive Paul. We live in the garden city of Christchurch, New Zealand with our three-legged, black cat called Blue. BC (before children) Paul and I lived and worked in Ireland, the experiences we had there have flavoured my books.

I’ve always written, but it was only after my first son was born that I decided to attend a creative writing course at Canterbury University. Oh the guilt dropping him at pre-school so I could learn the basics of story writing, but oh the joy of having conversation to contribute other than the price of nappies that week!  The first piece I ever penned post course was published by a New Zealand parenting magazine. I went on to write humorous; opinion styled pieces of my take on parenting, but when the necessity for being politically correct got too much, I set myself the challenge of writing a novel. Six books later and a publishing deal with Harper Impulse here I am. These days I write for a North Canterbury lifestyle magazine and my latest book Sweet Home Summer has just been released by Harper Impulse.

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Look what other bloggers think about this book following the entire blog tour:

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Greek Millionaire, Unruly Wife- review+ blog tour + giveaway

Greek Millionaire Unruly Wife Full Tour Banner.jpg

My review:

When Julia finds her husband with another woman that is the end no matter how rich or how handsome he is. But Michalis Leonidis a Greek tycoon doesn’t share the same meaning with her. He wants revenge and he is furious. It is not about a billion dollar deal broken or his marriage but he can’t pass through the secret Julia hides from him. So, Michalis gets big vengeance on her.

The story is typical romance there is everything that one good romance book could have two persons in love but they hate each other, one big secret which leads the tale ahead, hot- cold situation and many things which I love.

I like Julia because she knows what she wants. She is an independent woman who doesn’t have only beauty but also has other qualification to be great female.

“Not long ago, she’d owned countless such designer gowns, shoes, jewellery, and had the man- the life- to go with it. A sound gurgled in her throat, and the girl cast her odd look. Julia swallowed and turned away, blinking back the tears pressing against her lids.”

One of the we-are-enemies scenes:

…when he shifted his eyes to her, his tender look became eclipsed…

“Don’t look at me like that,” she’d said between her teeth.

“Like what?”

“Like I’ve committed some great sin.”

He scratched his cheek with the pad odd his thumb. “Conscience nipping at you?”

“No,” she hissed. “ It’s not my conscience that’s guilty, it’s-“

I recommend this novel to everyone who wants easy romantic story especially to read on the beach.



A tempestuous fling…a marriage…a betrayal?

When Michalis Leonadis’ bride jumps ship at the first sign of rough waters, he’s annoyed. When she costs him a marriage and a billion-dollar deal, he’s furious; but when he discovers she ditched him whilst harboring a secret…he’s out for revenge.

Ex-model, Julia Armstrong gave up everything for Michalis but when she catches him with another woman, crushed, she jets out of his life. The proud Greek blasts back into her world seeking retribution—in exchange for a divorce, he demands she relinquish the one thing she cannot. Her daughter. Only one other bargaining chip remains…Julia herself.

Purchase Link –

Author Bio 

Sun photo-1.JPG  Sun Chara, an Amazon top 100 bestseller, writes sexy, hip ‘n fun contemporary romance for HarperImpulse. JABBIC winner, Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella launched her writing career, spinning the ‘global millionaires’ series’. She makes her home in southern California, and has appeared on stage/film to rave reviews in How the Other Half Loves, General Hospital, and McGee and Me. With a Masters Degree in Education, and membership in SAG/AFTRA and Romance Writers of America, she enjoys sipping Frappuccinos topped with whipped cream/sprinkles, and dancing on the beach…making everyday a celebration!

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Giveaway – Win an e-copy of Greek Millionaire, Unruly Wife and a Greek style bracelet (Open Internationally)

The design of bracelet will vary depending on where in the world you live.

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The Letter – Kitty’s Story by Eliza J. Scott – blog tour, giveaway + guest post


The Letter – Kitty’s Story

Thirty-four-year-old Kitty Bennett is trapped in a loveless marriage to criminal barrister, Dan, who’s gradually isolated her from her family and friends. Until the day she (literally) bumps into her first love, the handsome and easy-going Ollie Cartwright – someone she’s done her best to avoid for as long as she can remember. Looking into Ollie’s eyes awakens feelings for him she thought she’d buried deep years ago, and he clearly feels the spark, too. As she walks away, Kitty can’t help but wonder what might have been…
Dan senses that his marriage is on shaky ground and knows he needs to win his wife round. He turns on the charm, skilfully using their two children, Lucas and Lily, as bargaining tools. But Kitty’s older brother, Jimby, and her childhood best-friends, Molly and Violet, have decided enough is enough. For years they’ve had to watch from afar as Kitty’s been browbeaten into an unrecognisable version of herself. They vow to make her see Dan for what he really is, but their attempts are no match for his finely-honed courtroom skills and, against her better judgement, Kitty agrees to give her husband one last chance. But, all-too-soon, a series of heart-breaking events and a shocking secret throw her life into turmoil…
Will she stand by Dan, or will Kitty be brave enough to take the leap and follow her heart to Ollie?

Life is anything but peaceful in the chocolate-box pretty village of Lytell Stangdale, where life unravels, and hearts are broken. Full of heart-warming moments, this book with have you crying

tears of joy, laughter and sadness.

Purchase Link –


Author Bio –   I live in a village in the North Yorkshire Moors with my husband, two daughters and two black Labradors. When I’m not writing, I can usually be found with my nose in a book/glued to my Kindle, or in my garden. I also enjoy bracing walks in the countryside, rounded off with a visit to a teashop where I can indulge in another two of my favourite things: tea and cake.

Social Media Links –

Blog: Eliza J Scott –

Twitter: Eliza J Scott – @ElizaJScott1

Instagram: Eliza J Scott – @elizajscott

Facebook: Eliza J Scott – @elizajscottauthor


Giveaway – Win a PB copy of The Lettter – Kitty’s Story, Chocolate and Neom Hand Cream (Open Internationally)

The Letter - Prize.JPG

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Hi Books Are My Life, thank you so much for taking part in the blog tour of The Letter – Kitty’s Story and for giving me a space on your lovely blog. I thought I’d share with you what I find to be the hardest part of writing a book. Here goes:

Coming up with ideas for a story has never been a problem for me – I’ve got A4 notebooks full of them! In fact, my head sometimes feels like it’s brimming over with them all trying to spill out at the same time! Anyway, once I get an idea, the main characters fall into place almost instantly – from their hair colour to their personality and traits. The setting follows, including what the protagonists’ home is like. I love this part; getting to know the characters, good or bad. Admittedly some sub-characters pop into my head once the story is in full flow, but that’s okay, there’s usually a space for them.

Finding the time to squeeze in a bit of writing when you’re in the middle of a property renovation, have a lengthy school run to contend with twice a day and keeping on top of a large, but messy, garden has been a bit of a challenge. Actually, it’s been a lot of a challenge! But when I’d decided to knuckle down and get my book finished, and because writing is my happy place, I was determined to do what I could to fit in a little bit of scribbling every day, no matter how small.

Self–editing my manuscript for the first time was pretty tricky as I just wanted to keep everything in it. I didn’t want to say goodbye to Lytell Stangdale and its inhabitants, but it dawned on me that I could move some of the excess story from The Letter – Kitty’s Story and redistribute it into Molly’s Story and Violet’s Story. That made so much more sense – although the manuscript was still a hefty whopper! Thankfully, my wonderful editor, Alison Williams set me on the right path and I managed to streamline the book significantly.

Formatting and all that techie stuff it involved, was something that was niggling away at the back of my mind, and I wasn’t looking forward to tackling it. But with determination and learning through (lots of!) mistakes, I managed to get it done, relieved to know it will be easier next time.

So, while all of the above were without doubt challenges during my writing process, nothing came anywhere near to being as blimmin’ difficult as writing the blurb! Argghhhh! Oh, boy, did that make my head ache! How on earth do you condense thousands and thousands of words into a few hundred and make it sound so catchy it jumps off the page at potential readers? It took me days and had several incarnations (the blurb, not me!) until I reached something that I was happy with. In fact, I had to force myself to stop tweaking it as I could have gone on fiddling away with it forever. And I’m not so sure it’ll be easier next time I have to do it.

So, as you can see, there are many challenges involved in writing a book but what, on the face of it, can appear like the easiest thing to do, actually turns out to be the hardest!


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Coming Home to Ottercombe Bay by Bella Ozborne – blog tour and guest post

Coming Home to Ottercombe Bay.pngComing Home to Ottercombe Bay

Daisy Wickens has returned to Ottercombe Bay, the picturesque Devon town where her mother died when she was a girl. She plans to leave as soon as her great uncle’s funeral is over, but Great Uncle Reg had other ideas. He’s left Daisy a significant inheritance – an old building in a state of disrepair, which could offer exciting possibilities, but to get it she must stay in Ottercombe Bay for twelve whole months.

With the help of a cast of quirky locals, a few gin cocktails and a black pug with plenty of attitude, Daisy might just turn this into something special. But can she ever hope to be happy among the ghosts of her past?

Purchase Links

Amazon –


Author Bio –

Bella has been jotting down stories as far back as she can remember but decided that 2013 would be the year that she finished a full length novel. She’s now written four romantic comedies and been shortlisted twice for the RNA Contemporary Romantic Novel of the Year.

Bella’s stories are about friendship, love and coping with what life throws at you.

She lives in The Midlands, UK with her husband, daughter and a cat who thinks she’s dog. When not writing she’s usually eating custard creams and planning holidays.

For more about Bella, visit her website at or follow her on Twitter – @osborne_bella

Social Media Links –

Twitter – @osborne_bella

Facebook –

Giveaway – Win signed copies of It Started At Sunset Cottage and A Family Holiday (Open Internationally)

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Guest Post

Coming Home - Author Pic

We have Bella Osborne here with a guest post.


If you were to look at my recent Google search history it’s likely you’d be alarmed. Here’s an example:

  • Klu Klux Klan
  • Can you poison someone with Christmas dinner?
  • Pink Panther
  • What causes a heart attack?
  • Brummie slang
  • Can you see metal on an ultrasound?
  • Medieval gestures
  • What is the minimum amount of morphine needed to kill someone?
  • Free running
  • How to cause a car accident?


That was 100% all to do with book research – honest. And that’s what I’d tell the police if they ever popped round for a chat. As a writer you have to check your facts and different people do this at different stages of their writing process. I tend to do enough research at the start of the project to make me feel comfortable that I know what I’m talking about. When I was researching what it was like to be deaf I met with my local deaf club very early in the process so that I could really understand their perspective before I started writing the character. However, for other things I leave it later in the process.

Sometimes you’re not sure if a particular element will get cut or amended at the structural editing stage so as long as it’s roughly correct it’s probably not worth too much time and effort until you’re sure it’s staying in. Other things like the bats that plagued Daisy in Coming Home to Ottercombe Bay popped up part way through the story and as I knew diddly doo dah about them I felt I needed to investigate before I wrote that section. This is where Google is the writer’s friend. Where else could you discover that there is such a thing as The National Bat Helpline? And a local Devon Bat Group? Both of these introduced me to lovely, knowledgeable people who could answer my inane questions and steer me in the right direction.

The very big danger with research is that it’s only a few clicks away from watching kittens on You Tube and that’s when Google is not the writer’s friend. Because we all know that writer’s put the pro in procrastination.



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The Flowerpot Witch by Wendy Steele- blog tour, guest post + giveaway

The Flowerpot Witch Full Banner.jpg

The Flowerpot Witch (A Wendy Woo Witch Lit Novel Book 3)

Lizzie Martin has chosen pottery to be her new career…

But the teacher from hell threatens to thwart her ambitions before she starts.

She has support from her best friend Louise and Evan, another pottery tutor, but Rowan, her fifteen year old daughter is restless, Josh, her ex-husband is colluding with her aunt and though her mother is alive, access to her is forbidden. When The Morrigan appears in her sacred circle, Lizzie knows she has a battle on her hands.

There is hope though.

Stardust the chicken brings a new creature into Lizzie’s life and a long awaited meeting with her Aunt Matilda brings Lizzie’s past into perspective.

Lizzie’s magic ventures beyond The Sanctuary, into the Welsh landscape and the realms of the fae.

Author Bio 

Wendy Steele is author, wise woman, goddess. She is writer, dance teacher, mother and healer.

Her passion is magic.

‘The Lilith Trilogy’ leads the reader along the paths of the witches Qabalah, following Angel Parson’s story of betrayal, retribution and redemption. Her magical story contains high magic as well as pagan ritual.

‘The Standing Stone Book Series’ focuses on the lives of three women linked together across time and space by the standing stone. The countryside is the focus of their magic, embracing the gods and goddesses, tree spirits, elves and fairies.

Her latest series, The Wendy Woo Witch Lit Series, begins with The Naked Witch. Lizzie Martin, receptionist, single mother and witch, is asked by her new boss to conform and embrace the corporate dress code. The reality of paisley to pin stripe, an unexpected stay in hospital, monitoring of her fourteen year old daughter’s latest crush, the search for the truth about her father’s death and two new men in her life, give Lizzie plenty of plates to spin. In the Orphan Witch, Lizzie is grieving while trying to find her real mother and the truth about her father and in the third book, The Flowerpot Witch, due to be published on 21st June, she embarks on a new career, thwarted at every step by those around her.

You can hear Wendy telling her short stories in Pan’s Grotto on her Welsh riverbank, on her YouTube channel, The Phoenix and the Dragon.

Wendy’s non-fiction title ‘Wendy Woo’s Year – A Pocketful of Smiles’ offers the reader 101 ideas to bring a smile to every day.

Wendy lives in Wales with her partner, Mike, and cats. If she’s not writing or teaching dance, you’ll find her renovating her house, clearing her land or sitting on her riverbank, breathing in the beauty of nature.


Social Media Links 




Amazon author:


Goodreads author:

YouTube channel: The Phoenix and the Dragon


Giveaway – Win 3 x Paperback copies of The Flowerpot Witch (Open Internationally)

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We have Wendy’s guest post here:

The Flower Pot Witch - Wendy.jpg

Why Magic?

I wanted to write a ‘new story’ for women. My fiction features strong yet vulnerable women. My stories show girls and women that they can be whoever they want to be. They can follow their hearts, trust their instincts, believe in themselves, even enjoy not conforming and most importantly, experience magic in their lives.

Witch Lit is contemporary, magical realism, where the magical and the mundane co-exist. The stories are gritty and believable while magic is sprinkled through the stories, offering the reader a new perspective on reality.  

We all experience magic in our lives. There is no need to be pagan or a practising witch. All you need to do is ‘be’.

We believe we live in the present, this time, now but often our minds have wandered to the past or the future and because of our lack of being rooted in the present, we miss the magic.

Sitting on my riverbank is magic…sunlight trickles through the leaves blessing my skin with the warmth of the sun…water rattles and skates over rocks and stones…dipper tips his wing and skims across the water.

Dancing in the rain is magic…clouds bursting their blessings on the earth…the wind blowing up the valley…music, friends and smiles.

 Time with my children is magic…catching up on news…sharing success and new ideas…supporting them taking adult steps into the world.

 Time with animals is magic… …snuggles with a rescued lamb…warmth and love for a rescued kitty.

Looking into the eyes of a newborn baby is magic. 

Dancing together to raise money for those in need is magic.

Sharing my stories is magic.

Decorating my home to welcome in the light at the Winter Solstice is magic.

Walking on the beach and paddling in the sea, whatever the weather, is magic…

I write about magic…real magic…the magic that fills our lives with moments of inspiration, hope, understanding, empathy and love.

People say to me, ‘But magic isn’t real though, is it?’ It depends what you mean by real. Are all those magic moments I listed real? Are they tangible, measurable and scientifically proven? No, but neither is love.

 Thank you, Wendy.



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Connectedness by Sandra Danby – guest post

Today we have Sandra Danby as a guest on my blog. I hope you will like what she prepares for us. I have the honour to read one of her books, Ignoring Gravity and really enjoy it, you could find what I think about the book here.

Sandra Danby author8 - photo Ion Paciu

The Meaning of Connectedness

Imagine not knowing your family history, the connections between your generation and the next; imagine telling lies to your parents, to everyone around you, in order to keep secret your biggest shame. Imagine your connections are broken; not knowing where your child is; whether you are a mother-in-law, a grandmother. Every one of us is an individual with our own identity, but we also fit within the bigger grouping of family, a collective identity. If someone is missing from that collective, when the chains of connection are broken, it is a very lonely place. That is where Justine Tree finds herself in my new novel Connectedness. Artist Justine spends her adult life covering up what she happened to her in Málaga, frightened of the truth, suffering debilitating migraines as she internalises her pain, but longing to know what happened to the baby daughter she gave away almost thirty years earlier. To connect again. Here’s an excerpt.


An extract from ‘Connectedness’


Yorkshire, May 2010

The clouds hurried from left to right, moved by a distant wind that did not touch her cheek. It felt unusually still for May. As if the weather was waiting for the day to begin, just as she was. She had given up trying to sleep at three o’clock, pulled on some clothes and let herself out of the front door. Despite the dark, she knew exactly the location of the footpath, the edge of the cliffs; could walk it with her eyes closed. Justine lay on the ground and looked up, feeling like a piece of grit in the immensity of the world. Time seemed both still and marching on. The dark grey of night was fading as the damp began to seep through her jeans to her skin. A pale line of light appeared on the eastern horizon, across the flat of the sea. She shivered and sat up. It was time to go. She felt close to both her parents here, but today belonged to her mother.

Three hours later, she stood at the graveside and watched as the coffin was lowered into the dark damp hole. Her parents together again in the plot they had bought. It was a big plot, there was space remaining.

Will I be buried here?

It was a reassuring thought, child reunited with parents.

The vicar’s voice intoned in the background, his words whipped away by the wind. True to form, May was proving changeable. It was now a day requiring clothing intended for mid-winter, when windows were closed tight and the central heating turned on again. Or was it that funerals simply made you feel cold?


She repeated the vicar’s word, a whisper borne out of many childhood Sunday School classes squeezed into narrow hard pews. She was not paying attention to the service but, drawn by the deep baritone of the vicar who was now reciting the Lord’s Prayer, was remembering her first day at art college. The first class. Another baritone. Her tutor, speaking words she had never forgotten. Great art was always true, he warned, and lies would always be found out.

In her handbag was a letter, collected from the hall table ten days ago as she left the house for Heathrow and Tokyo. She had expected to return home to London but, answering the call from her mother’s doctor, had come straight to Yorkshire in the hope of seeing her mother one last time. The envelope, which was heavy vellum, and bore smidgens of gold and scarlet and the Royal Academy of Arts’ crest, was still sealed. She knew what the letter said, having been forewarned in a telephone call from the artist who nominated her. It was the official invitation. If she accepted, she was to be Justine Tree, RA.


Later the same day, she stood again where she had lain at dawn, at the edge of land where East Yorkshire ended and the North Sea began. The teapots were emptied, cake eaten, mourners gone. She was glad to be alone, welcoming the wind in her face, the roar of the waves pounding hundreds of feet below, wondering how she could bear to be away from this bleak beautiful place. Finally she turned, the wind twisting the unfamiliar black skirt round her knees, hobbling her stride so she stumbled over a path she knew inch by inch, a path she had walked in wet and snow and sun, in mud and dust and wind for almost half a century. Rain arrived, lashing her face like spitting gravel as if it also wept for her mother. In her pocket her hand clasped a pebble. Stroking it was always a comfort, had been since childhood.

The path ran along the cliff to Seaview Cottage, her mother’s house and now hers. On the sea side of the path, tufts of grass spread over the thin layer of earth covering the chalk beneath, growing outwards into nothing. At the other side was a field, in summer a golden flag of waving wheat, barley or oats, now the patchy bristle of new crops. Between the two, the path was well trodden. In summer there was a constant trail of hikers walking the coastal path. Most were headed from the nearby campsite loaded with cool bags and picnic rugs to the beach at North Landing. Others followed the cliffs towards the north, binoculars carried ready to see puffins, gannets, guillemots and razorbills. But today even the locals were indoors.

She stopped beside a rock known to her since she was five as the Sheep Rock because of its shape. It was kind of puffed-up and woolly, the shape of a ewe just before shearing.

This is the place.

Her unfamiliar black court shoes were edged with a muddy fringe of grass, the pattern of the storm clouds above reflected in the mirror of a puddle. At this particular curve in the path, her life had changed direction for the first time. It seemed like yesterday. Today, as the past re-opened to her, lots of things seemed like yesterday. It was here where the girl she had been, who loved drawing and making things, learnt a lesson. That real life, put into art, made it stronger. The hot days of holidays were spent here with Susie, each summer of primary and secondary school, stretched out on the grass, making magazines. They were inseparable, the writer and the artist. Susie wrote the stories and Justine designed the illustrations and front cover. The magazines were sold to long-suffering family, friends and neighbours for 1d each – then one new penny, after decimalisation – the profits spent on materials for the next issue and on Embassy records in Woolworths. Suzi Quatro. David Bowie. Queen. Tom Robinson. Wizzard. If time spent together equalled friendship, then Justine and Susie were best friends. This was their last summer before parting, Justine to the art foundation course at Scarborough Technical College and Susie to work in a local bank. They had arranged to meet at Sheep Rock at five o’clock to plan the summer edition of their magazine. Justine was confident she could fit in the design work with her holiday job at the RNLI ice cream kiosk at North Landing.

After school she went straight to a training session to be shown how to use the till and the correct way to serve ice creams. Her head full of 99s, cones, wafers, Fabs, Mivvies and Zooms, she walked along an unfamiliar footpath towards home, climbing a five-bar gate and traversing the far end of the village past the bus stop. In the concrete shelter sat Susie, her arms wrapped around a boy. Justine knew it was Susie even though her face was hidden, because she could see Susie’s favourite Suzi Quatro black trousers with metal chains sewn along the leg seams from hem to waistband. Justine couldn’t see the face of the boy until a pause in the kissing. It was Kevin. Kevin, who she had walked out with last night until ten thirty, Kevin who kissed her goodnight in the shadow of the wall of Mellor & Sons garage, who asked her to go out with him again, and she said yes.

Knowing she might throw up, Justine ran until she had no breath left, sinking to the ground with a puff of summer dust. She cried for a long time, for lost love and lost friendship and then, recognising betrayal, she got angry. She opened her satchel and took out a sheet of drawing paper, orange furry pencil case and tube of paper glue. She weighed down the paper with lumps of chalk culled from beside the path and then, careless of the dust and grass seed flowing freely in the soft breeze, she created her first collage. A tangle of gull feathers, grass, dock leaves and smears of mud made of the dusty earth mixed with tears. She carried the half-finished jumble to her father’s shed where she carefully dismantled it, sorted and re-assembled it, fixing it together permanently with some plaster-like stuff from his workbench. She rescued a Frosties cereal packet from the dustbin and then, imagining it was the boy’s A-grade physics essay of which he’d been so proud, she tore it into strips. She sat holding a felt tip pen feeling empty of words until they spilled forth from a subconscious thesaurus: Traitor. Betrayal. Envy. Hurt. Jealousy. Theft. Unfair. Friend. Pain. Lies.

Her anger grumbled on and she picked at the hem of her school jumper, loosening a thread from its ribbing, pulling the crinkly wool until she had yards of the stuff. Next term she would wear bell-bottomed jeans, not an acrylic jumper, shiny skirt and American tan tights. She ran into the house to her mother’s needlework drawer, selected what she needed. Back in the shed she used the dark green wool to crochet rhythmically, knotting, looping. Gradually she made a long chain, each dropped stitch representing a tear. The furious crocheting rubbed a raw patch on her palm but she crocheted on. Finally she chopped the chain into pieces, fraying the edges before gluing them to the cardboard in a broken line. Morse code for her sobs.


Two years later, ‘Loss and Loss and Loss Again’ opened the door for Justine into art college. ‘The over-sentimentality of the title and the rough execution of the piece itself are unable to hide this student’s ability. There is a raw truth to the complex emotions of a teenager,’ said her acceptance report at RivesArt in London.

She wished she could see Susie again, to say thank you for everything.

It was my first collage, the first time I turned emotions into art, the first time I did more than just copy.

Justine stood at the cliff’s edge and stroked the scar on her palm, the raised line of white flesh the only evidence of that frenzied night of crocheting. She wished she had never sold ‘Loss and Loss and Loss Again’ but she had been desperate for money. That had been her darkest time when she despaired of ever making art again.

No point dwelling on it, I can’t change history.

Connectedness by Sandra Danby.jpg

More about ‘Connectedness’


Justine’s art sells around the world, but does anyone truly know her? When her mother dies, she returns to her childhood home in Yorkshire where she decides to confront her past. She asks journalist Rose Haldane to find the baby she gave away when she was an art student, but only when Rose starts to ask difficult questions does Justine truly understand what she must face.

Is Justine strong enough to admit the secrets and lies of her past? To speak aloud the deeds she has hidden for 27 years, the real inspiration for her work that sells for millions of pounds. Could the truth trash her artistic reputation? Does Justine care more about her daughter, or her art? And what will she do if her daughter hates her?

This tale of art, adoption, romance and loss moves between now and the Eighties, from London’s art world to the bleak isolated cliffs of East Yorkshire and the hot orange blossom streets of Málaga, Spain.

A family mystery for fans of Maggie O’Farrell, Lucinda Riley, Tracy Rees and Rachel Hore.


About the ‘Identity Detective’ series

Connectedness is the second book in the ‘Identity Detective’ series. Rose Haldane reunites the people lost through adoption. The stories you don’t see on television shows. The difficult cases. The people who cannot be found, who are thought lost forever. Each book in the series considers the viewpoint of one person trapped in this dilemma. In the first, Ignoring Gravity, it is Rose’s experience we follow as an adult discovering she was adopted as a baby. Connectedness is the story of a birth mother and her longing to see her baby again. Sweet Joy, the third novel, will tell the story of a baby abandoned during The Blitz.

Connectedness - Justine's apartment in Malaga.jpg

Author Bio

Sandra Danby is a proud Yorkshire woman, tennis nut and tea drinker. She believes a walk on the beach will cure most ills. Unlike Rose Haldane, the identity detective in her two novels, Ignoring Gravity and Connectedness, Sandra is not adopted.


Author Links

‘Connectedness’ at Amazon:

‘Ignoring Gravity’ at Amazon

Author website:

Twitter: @SandraDanby





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Connectedness – migraine, again

Connectedness – Justine’s apartment in Malaga

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My San Francisco Highlander by Aleigha Siron- blog tour+giveaway


My San Francisco Highlander

by Aleigha Siron
Finding My Highlander, #2
Publication Date: August 23, 2017
Genres: Adult, Time Travel, Contemporary, Historical, Scottish, Standalone, Romance



A love three hundred years in the making — After being knocked out in battle, Angus Cameron wakes in a terrifying new world with flying beasts, horseless carriages, crazy music, and strangely dressed people. Has he gone mad? When Angel Adair discovers a man in 1975’s San Francisco Lands End park dressed in little more than a Scottish kilt, is he just a confused drifter or her dream-lover come to life?



My San Francisco Highlander is Aleigha’s second full-length romance novel in her Finding My Highland Series. Now, an Amazon best-selling author of Time-Travel romance, she is working on the third book in her Finding My Highlander Series as well as a collection of romance poems. She’s also working on early character sheets for a Regency Romance series.

After more than twenty-five years writing and delivering management and other training programs, Aleigha Siron turned her writing efforts to fiction and poetry. When not writing, you’ll often find Aleigha walking along the shore with her trusty four-legged companion, Strider. The whoosh of waves across glistening sand and the turbulent swell of the sea at sunset dissolves the noise of the day. If this fails to conjure the muses and stimulate her creative juices, she’ll sip a glass of wine and read.

Aleigha loves all forms of writing, but historical and romance fiction provide a favorite escape, especially those with time-travel themes. A firm believer that everyone secretly yearns for the romance novels’ essential HEA, she knew this was her genre.

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The Forever Night Stand by Bena Roberts – review- blog tour

The Forever Night Stand Full Banner.jpg39336162


Title: The Forever Night Stand

Author: Bena Roberts

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Woman’s Fiction

Pages: 150 (I’ve read Kindle edition)

published: March 19th, 2018

buy it: Amazon


My review:

Sara is back into her parents’ house after her cancer free party. She leaves her rich husband with whom spends twenty years. There she makes amend that her parents will be proud of her again. George is her high school sweetheart and he is all around her, but maybe his time past already and she could give a chance to another man called Raj? George spies her and maybe saves her turning himself in inspector Morse as he says, but she doesn’t know that. He knows that Sara is the love of his life, however, will Sara choose him?

Forever Night Stand is a novella with the unusual romantic plot other than I used to read. I mean Sara had cancer and she healed, but she does something ironically bad on her party. That leads her back into her parents’ home and the decision to make them happy remarrying.

I like Sara and feel nothing but compassion, I cry on some scenes especially with her dad and when she makes that decision:

“The chair fell behind me as I hugged my dad with all my might. Acid tears scorched my face. Guilt. My dad knew…Guilt. I made my dad cry, I lied…My body quivered. The deluge of tears re-modelled dad’s cashmere jumper.”

The story is written in the first person told by Sara and George POV. I like how it sounds into my mind especially the memories of their time together:

“We were a galaxy that space forgot, our tongues guessing each moment, our hands firm longing for our bodies to conjoin.”


A two hour romance which starts with drama and mayhem!

Sara has her back up against the wall. She is recovering from the side effects of chemotherapy and at her own “cancer free” party, she makes a decision that will change her life forever.

The adventure begins when she leaves her posh lifestyle in Scotland and moves in with her Bollywood loving parents, in West London. Her parents are tragically ashamed of Sara’s actions and her electronic monitor. She decides to make them happy again and considers re-marrying. 

Enter Raj, a possible hero who comes with the promise of a huge Indian wedding in Goa!

George, the childhood love of her life who seems to be hanging around every corner. Or should she just go back to her husband? Sara faces the biggest dilemma of her life, after making the colossal mistake of her life. What will she do and whom will she choose?


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Author Bio – Bena Roberts

myAvatar (3).png

Bena Roberts was a journalist and analyst. Now she prefers the title novelist and romance adventurist. She graduated in England 1994 and then with a Masters in 1997. 

Born in 1973, Bena lived in West London until she was 24. Then she lived and worked in Budapest, Bruges, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Hamburg and Munich. She currently resides in Germany, between Heidelberg and Frankfurt. Although she still refers to London as ‘home.’

Bena successfully created a technology blog which gained funding, had lunch with Steve Ballmer and was ‘top 50 most influential woman in mobile.’ Her blog also won several awards including Metro Best Blog. 

Bena has two children, loves small dogs and always writes books with a cup of Earl Grey. 

Bena’s favorite literary style is black humor, and she hopes to offer a unique voice in this area. Her books aim to confront the darkest of life experiences, with levity. Most of her writing is heavy hitting yet also entertaining.

Also –  Available My Cake! A short story

Pre-Order Tammy&Lisa – How far would you go to protect your teenage son?


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